Experts said that in 2017 the value of bitcoins will grow in 2017 bitcoin can become the best hedge assets?

Experts said that in 2017 the value of bitcoins will grow in 2017 bitcoin can become the best hedge assets?

Comparison between bitcoin and gold has been attracting a lot of attention from investors, but these assets are not the same. Although the two kinds of speculative assets of the future now looks pretty good, but it is really difficult to predict how the situation in the future. But one thing is for sure, in 2017 the value of bitcoin will continue to rise, gold is the same, the market for illegal currency asset demand is expected to soar.

In 2016 for the gold and the development of bitcoin is quite a positive, people will inevitably curious bitcoin 2017 will have better results. The next few months, all asset categories are likely to rise. With bitcoin 2016 outperformed gold, now between the two lines can be said to have been opened. Despite the 2016 gold market volatility is higher than in the past, but still very strong.

In 2017, bitcoin gold hedge assets will actively develop

For the gold industry, in 2017 the situation looks quite positive. The introduction of the new Islamic gold standard will have a positive impact on the demand for physical gold. After all, the new gold standard to create investment opportunities for 25% of the world’s population. Second, gold is integrated as a settlement currency among oil producing countries. Many are sold to Chinese energy in the use of gold for settlement.

For bitcoin, 2016 is indeed achieved considerable value growth, in one fell swoop hit a new high for several years. Although in 2017 bitcoin fluctuated, but in the past week, bitcoin prices have remained stable. In view of China margin trading opportunities is not much, this volatility will be reduced to the minimum. That is to say, you can think of bitcoin 2017 better than gold, because 2017 bitcoin hedge geopolitical and currency risks.

According to experts, 2017 bitcoin and gold will have some changes, also have a certain impact on its development.

When Trump took office, the British and European sequelae and the European Union continues to decline and other factors, the market demand for alternative assets will rise. But still it is difficult to predict the impact on gold and in 2017 the price of bitcoin, but value growth seems likely. Saxo Bank even think that Russia and Chinese may start to accept bitcoin as a substitute for the dollar.

Between 2017 bitcoin and gold in the competition between the “King” hedge assets have been to some extent. Two kinds of assets can coexist peacefully, and work together for investors and consumers to provide a hedge to deal with future financial turmoil. Consumption ability, bitcoin to use more cases than gold, but still only a few opportunities”. Although it is difficult for daily consumption of gold, however, bitcoin has more than mainstream appeal.

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