Experts say innovation bitcoin bitcoin core technology is productivity

Experts say innovation bitcoin bitcoin core technology is productivity

“Proficient in bitcoin” author Anderson antonopoulos (AndreasAntonopoulos) recently guest hosted by TraceMayer “bitcoin knowledge podcast” program. In this program, the two bitcoin bitcoin advocates long-term discussed the current status and the development of this technology in the past eight years. Bitcoin is an essential technology innovation.

In the discussion at the end of Antonopoulos, expressed their views: the current bitcoin was stronger than at any time, and for all the farce of the bitcoin community, we have to be ignored.

But if you want to bitcoin better develop, we need to keep pace with the times, innovation bitcoin technology.

Technology is the most important part of the bitcoin, bitcoin technology innovation needs

Many different views of the two views faction of the bitcoin community has now become very ugly, Antonopoulos believes that now we can return to the best source of technology. Bitcoin is important technology innovation.

Antonopoulos said: “I think the most important thing is to try to objectively look at what is really important: bitcoin field technology. We should not put too much focus on irrelevant farce above. I think there are a lot of drama is the interference of bitcoin real progress.” In fact, we really want to do is bitcoin technology innovation.

Technology is the core of productivity of a product, the core value system of technology is a product, want to make product development better, technology innovation is crucial, bitcoin is the same, bitcoin technology innovation, conducive to the development of bitcoin.

Antonopoulos went on to point out, according to a number of indicators show that bitcoin should be stronger than ever. In his view, bitcoin has never been so diversified or dispersed. The technological innovation achievements of the “master” bitcoin is an author of the same bitcoin field was impressed. So the innovation of bitcoin technology is particularly important.

For bitcoin technology innovation, Antonopoulos believes that bitcoin will usher in some new promotion. Such as Tumblebit, Mimblewimble, isolation network, lightning witness and root chain (Rootstock) are the most bitcoin community exciting technological achievements.

In January 5, 2017, bitcoin trading day to determine the amount to new highs, despite the recent decline, but still higher than at the beginning of 2016 nearly two times.

Bitcoin community drama aims to split the community

With the bitcoin community farce spread, Antonopoulos thinks that at least some malicious made. “The farce was involved in many bitcoin community members, I believe that a considerable part of which was built to split the community. “

Antonopoulos went on to say that the history of every grassroots movement and subversive organizations will hide some infiltrators and provocateurs, who specializes in the manufacture of chaos. He added: “if you think that only the bitcoin ecosystem, you are too naive.”

In any case, a will be accompanied by the development of science and technology, technology innovation, so bitcoin really want to develop, must carry out technological innovation, therefore the innovation of bitcoin technology is particularly important.

Although the core of the bitcoin community there are a lot of infighting, but did not know the majority of users are aware of this point. Many end users may pay more attention to innovation than bitcoin is feasible or not.

Antonopoulos said: “at present there are still hundreds of millions of people worldwide do not have access to bank services, they do not care who insulted or who is wrong who quarrel and so on.”

Antonopoulos bitcoin community proposal is quite simple: if you want to bitcoin for long-term success, it must maintain continuous innovation bitcoin technology.

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