FA fat announced the establishment of a block chain company, which said that the safety of bitcoin needs to be rebuilt.

Mark Karpeles, the former Mt. Gox manager, is starting a new drama.

As the author of the new book “encrypted currency 3” (Cryptocurrency 3), Fatah said in an interview this Monday that he supports improving the security of block chains and bitcoin, “if bitcoin continues to use the current encryption technology, it is very dangerous.”

In addition, he became a CTO of a block chain company, hoping to start again.

In February 2014, fatfat announced that hackers had stolen 850 thousand bitcoins from Mt. Gox in the previous year. The website was originally a magical trading place, and later evolved into a formal bitcoin exchange. It was the first place where many famous people in the circle bought and sold bitcoins.

The company is bankrupt. FA fat admitted the mistake, and the Japanese police arrested him. In short, this hacker attack has become an important moment in the industry of encrypted money. In a flash, the industry turned from a smart gadget to a serious and expensive business.

He said:

“Although I won the lawsuit in March 2019, I am sorry to have caused great losses to the customers, causing inconvenience to the relevant personnel.”

In the interview, he explained how difficult it was to run a famous exchange in his Japanese office.

“When I took over the management of Mt. Gox in 2011, I worked with members of the field and lawyers from different countries to cope with the system problems, and these problems were discovered one after another, and the volume of transactions increased rapidly. I was watching it for 24 hours. At that time, if I could sleep for two hours, it would be great. Because of jet lag, I sometimes arrange a meeting at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. “

“Perhaps now, people who run virtual currency exchanges have learned to deal with this pressure. However, as long as risk management is handled by manpower, human error can not be avoided.

Fatfat set up block chain company

After getting rid of most of the charges in the Mt. Gox case, FA fat revealed that he hoped to start from scratch by a new block chain project.

His new company will develop a security system based on block chaining, which will exceed the existing system.

FA fat will be the CTO of Tristan Technologies Co., a newly established Japanese company.

He seems intent on restoring his reputation in Japan. He said he hoped the technology would help Japan return to its former position as a global technology leader. In recent years, Japan’s advantages have been gradually taken away by Apple giants such as apple, Amazon and Facebook.

“For personal computers, Japan was once a superpower in the engineering field, but now, taking cloud computing as an example, the United States is dominant. But I still believe in Japan’s potential, and I am willing to exploit this potential. “

According to reports, the former chief executive of Mt. Gox said he does not currently have any encryption currency, which is a high-risk asset. “I will not say that I am very rich today,” he added.

Bitcoin security needs to be rebuilt

Fatah now believes that bitcoin security infrastructure must be rebuilt.

“Virtual currency still has the risk of being stolen because personal computers or hardware wallets are likely to be hacked. In other words, it is still impossible to eliminate risks with current mechanisms and technologies. The innovation of cryptography must be done. “

The key is encryption technology. Bitcoin itself has used a technology called ECDSA from the very beginning, and has never been attacked by hackers. However, because of the impact of hacker attacks is very difficult to eliminate completely, you must know that there is no permanent security encryption technology. If bitcoin continues to use the current encryption technology is very dangerous.

Fatter hopes that security is as simple as migrating from the standard “HTTP” to the web site protected by the cryptographic socket protocol layer (SSL) or the transport layer security protocol (TLS) — and visible.

So he announced the establishment of the new company called Tristan Technologies Co, aiming at developing the new technology.

He said he still felt the space of encrypted money was amazing. Some people are still talking about this young man taking over an early exchange and making the world a sensation.

“As I wrote in the book” encrypted currency 3 “(Cryptocurrency 3), I like Japanese animation, but one of the most impressive movies I have seen recently is the the Promised Neverland. This cartoon tells the story of a group of children escaping from their trapped place. How can every child face cruelty and unfriendliness? I watched this cartoon with interest.

The reality of encrypted money is grim. However, I do not think a strong organization can make decisions easily, but I think a system that can provide a choice for each participant is the best. If it succeeds, everyone will wait for an important decision even if there is a security problem, and it is impossible to find a solution immediately. “

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