Fang was 51% Krypton Ethernet platform attack, the team says ETC is likely to be the next victim

Fang was 51% Krypton Ethernet platform attack, the team says ETC is likely to be the next victim

Fang Krypton (business platform Ethernet includes transaction, wallet, and data mining) recently suffered attacks, loss of 21465 KR tokens, $3000. Currently the site has been the resumption of trading. The Krypton team suspects this attack is just a test, the attacker may attack other etheric square block chain in the same way, for example ETC.

The attack happened

According to Krypton founder Stephanie Kent? (StephanieKent) said that the attacker to steal double Bittrex wallet KR token. First, the attacker from NiceHash (loaned hash service) to buy enough of the hash value is then 4miners ore mining pool was 51%. Once successfully held 51% of the work force, they put the Bittrex wallet KR tokens, after the rollback block chain. By this method, they created a double opportunity.

After the attack, Bittrex and Yobit recharge and withdrawals service are temporarily stopped, to prevent the network and receive KR token exchange in another attack again.

Kent said:

This attack may be an exercise is a proof of concept attack other etheric Fang blockchain. Last week, another Ethernet square platform Shift also suffered a similar attack 51%. The main goal of the attackers was the etheric square block chain, because the chain is easier to block the etheric Fang bifurcation and line control, but also with the distributed denial of service attack (DDosattack).

Krypton has solved the problem of the loss of funds, the community also purchased additional resources to ensure network security. They also suggest that Bittrex increased its withdrawal time to 1000 times to prevent the recurrence of double confirmation.

The next target

Krypton is the latest victim of the etheric Fang attack, they predicted the high market value of the ETC is likely to become the next target. Two weeks ago, the etheric Fang Shift also suffered a token 51% attack, now two platform team in an effort to provide security.

However, ETC is difficult to attack, because it is better, and master in several different ore pool. Ethernet token attack is often Fang platform because they are easy to be under the line of control, and some tokens stress value is low, very easy to use.

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