Fear due to the problem of Iran by the United States sanctions, Ebang international listing to survive

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12 June 20, bitcoin mining machine manufacturers Ebang international prospectus again landing in Hong Kong.

In the updated prospectus, disclosure of its Tianhe International sales, the first half of May and do business in Iran because of sanctions by the U.S., and faced litigation problems.

The first half of 2 billion yuan to sell the mill

According to the latest prospectus information display, Tianhe International first half of 2018 revenue of 2 billion 138 million yuan, operating profit of 1 billion 89 million yuan, profit for the period was 931 million yuan, an increase of 43.93% compared to the same period in 2017.

 Fear due to the problem of Iran by the United States sanctions, Ebang international listing to survive

Its revenue mainly comes from the BPU machine business, the first half of Tianhe International machine sales of 309 thousand units, 158 thousand and 800 units compared to the same period last year, more than doubled.

Its income is 2 billion 115 million yuan, accounting for 98.9%, over the same period last year was 202 million yuan, accounting for 85.1%, and the fortune of the telecom business revenue accounted for from 11.3% to 0.7%, Tianhe International completely transformed into a machine manufacturers.

Although now to the end of the year, but still only Tianhe International Financial Statements statistics to the first half of this year, perhaps this is the reason of the prospectus submitted to at the end of the year: over the next year, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will be required to submit the third quarter report or annual report, in such a fierce market environment, “the third quarter too horrible to look at.” the report may become the obstacles listed.

In 2001, 28 year old Hu Dong was founded in Zhejiang Hangzhou Ebang Information Technology Co. Ltd., engaged in communications transmission equipment supply. Then in 2010, the company changed its name to Zhejiang Ebang Communication Technology Co. Ltd., the development of data communications, optical fiber transmission business, mainly mobile, Unicom, telecom docking and other customers.

Early 2014, see the block chain outlet began to Tianhe International, R & D and production of crypto currency mining. In 2015, the state listed on the new board, second years launched the first independent vehicle wing bit E9.

In February this year, Zhejiang Ebang announced that the proposed listed overseas, in March 23rd from the new three board delisting. In June this year, Tianhe International on the Hong Kong stock exchange to submit IPO prospectus.

Ride the blockchain outlet, from Tianhe International telecoms equipment company into a mining enterprise.

According to the prospectus, 2015 Tianhe International telecom business revenue of 62 million 930 thousand yuan at the end of 2017, only 53 million 260 thousand yuan; and from the blockchain revenue from 29 million 210 thousand yuan in 2015 soared to 925 million yuan in 2017.

Exports to Iran may be subject to U.S. sanctions

Of particular note is that the international Ebang disclosed in the latest prospectus, once its exports to Iran 4 million 200 thousand yuan of telecommunications products, may violate U.S. sanctions and export control regulations.

2016, located in Arabia Tianhe International to the United Arab Emirates customers sold several microwave communications products about 3000 dollars, and the goods shipped directly to Iran. The money in dollars, and settlement through the U.S. financial system, the potential violation of the relevant applicable valuation traded in dollars of U.S. sanctions regulations and Iran.

In 2017, the Iran Tianhe International Customer export fiber converter products, in euros, this time there is no violation of the office of foreign assets control of US dollar transactions with Iran limited.

However, the optical fiber converter samples by export control from the United States still restricted by industrial parts, so security bureau and the office of foreign assets control regulations on Iran sanctions.

Tianhe International clarified that it was not intentional and, at the same time, they have been to the U.S. Office of foreign assets control and Industrial Security Bureau to disclose the relevant information, and promised after no violation of international sanctions laws and regulations.

If it is the United States Tianhe international sanctions, for it will be a devastating blow, is a US dollar clearing system will be close to them, lost overseas market; secondly, the chip supply side will face the blockade, facing the risk of downtime”.

In the prospectus, finally explained to Tianhe International, international sanctions legal adviser said it really suffered a lower risk of sanctions.

Because of its quality problems were claims 5000 million

Hu Dong, founder of the blockchain help Tianhe International achieved freedom of wealth, in October this year, the 2018 Hurun list published list shows, Hu Dong with a net worth of 5 billion 500 million yuan ranked 728th.

Once the Tianhe international market, their personal wealth value again, the key period in Hong Kong IPO of the company, but suffered unexpected trouble”.

The first is Tianhe International Internet banking experience hammerburst platform silver bean net victims come to collect debts.

Dun event mainly comes from the Tianhe International Silver bean network and the actual controller Li Yonggang wife Cui Hongwei has a $520 million funds, of which 380 million yuan of funds between the unknown, the silver bean net financial Zhu Xiaolin in May this year has quietly appeared in the Tianhe International parent company Hangzhou Ebang Hongfa Technology Co. Ltd. equity change record in.

Suspicious sign silver bean network victims questioned, with 380 million yuan of funds suspected of Tianhe International Cui Hongwei inflated sales, beautification statements, so there is no way a victim, eyeing the Tianhe International, international money for ebang.

“The silver bean net case have to call the HKEx rejected Tianhe International listing application, and report to the Hongkong police force.

The problem here is not Disasters pile up on one another., solve, company into litigation vehicle quality problems, its consumers will Tianhe International Court, demanding huge compensation.

Mentioned in the latest prospectus in December 2017, Tianhe International to a client to sell 13 million yuan of mine, but due to the delivery time, product performance and product specifications, be sued, litigation amount up to 53 million 900 thousand yuan.

Debt collection rights, litigation, with bitcoin fell to Tianhe International Road to market a heavy haze, helpless stranded IPO.


For a bit, and Tianhe International, listed or not is a matter of vital importance to the Jedi survive, even at the expense of bleeding.

In the current market environment, market that break has become the norm.

According to the Beijing News reporter for China creating statistics, as of December 18, 2018 at the Hong Kong market closed, a total of 33 new economic China shares and Hong Kong listed companies to the United States, of which 20 stocks, 13 stocks.

The 33 landing listed companies, 91% experienced a break, more than half of listed on the same day break. As of December 18th, compared to 33 in the first day of listing, the company’s market value fell 79%, of which 18% of the company’s market value is almost cut, the biggest decline in more than 70%.

Even so, there are still a large number of enterprises have listed bloodshed, if not listed, this year, next year the break is more serious, in 2020, it would raise enough money.

Next year will be a turning point in the capital market, perhaps as Wang forwarded scripts said: 2019 is the past ten years the most difficult year, but also the future ten years the best year.

As for mill plant health enterprises, are facing more pressure of life and death. The suppliers, the price fell, the accumulation of money stock, hundreds of employees pay social security will be encroached upon the company’s cash flow, if the market continues to bear down, a lot of ore producers may not survive the next summer, at this time, need external financing.

Twitter user BTCKING555 (Note: the main release bit, the black material) broke the news that bit mainland three quarter loss of $740 million and is on the verge of bankruptcy, now in the hope that the successful listing of self financing.

However, the bit, listed on the road but in Rashomon, miwuchongchong.

First of all, CoinDesk foreign media quoted authoritative sources said, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing application, a bit reluctant to approve.

Subsequently, the Hongkong Stock Exchange (HKEX) a spokesman said in the message, unwilling to approve IPO, bits of news is a rumor.

Finally, the South China Morning Post in Hongkong in December 19th and called the two anonymous sources said that the Hongkong stock market regulators are reluctant to allow the bit, IPO in Hongkong.

That Hongkong stock market regulators, before the appropriate regulatory framework in place, any encryption currency trading platform or associated with the business by IPO in Hongkong are too early to raise funds.

Public opinion turns reverse, seems to be that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange tangled, on one hand he does not want to take risks, to become the first person to eat crab; on the other hand it wants to stick to the blockchain killed, after all its official website also hung “the Hongkong stock exchange to explore the blockchain video.

Can foreknow, if the bit, not through the HKEx hearing hearing, so is the negative news Tianhe International not listed.

Bit, September 26th submitted the prospectus, the listing application failure distance is more than 3 months time, live or die, make time to tell us the answer.

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