Feecon to discuss the future of bitcoin liberal ideals continue to support bitcoin

Feecon to discuss the future of bitcoin liberal ideals continue to support bitcoin

On 15-17 June, hundreds of people attended the free economic education fund Feecon fund in 2017, the free market economic activities, learning knowledge, and to establish contact with like-minded thinkers. These people are encouraged to change the world. Bitcoin.com is the sponsor of this event, and have the opportunity to teach the property distributed money, but also to show them why we believe bitcoin is an innovative tool that can be free to a new level.

Atlanta three day meeting

The foundation for economic education is a commitment to support economic and social freedom principle of liberal organization. Last week, Georgia in Atlanta, a three day conference, witnessed the world wide freedom lovers. This activity is full of famous speaker, exhibitions, panel discussions and free network. 2017 Feecon speakers include PatrickByrne (Overstock.com), CaitlinLong (Symbiont), MagatteWade (Tiossan), StephenPair (Bitpay), JeffreyTucker (cost), and more.

In addition to the students, and make first appearance entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to experience more than 70 different sessions, these meetings will be “economic, ethical and legal principles of a free society included. In these three days, people around the world are gathered together, they support the freedom of movement, and filled with many individuals and groups of ideological ideas, committed to promoting freedom.

There are many research organizations such as Freedomfactor.org, AtlasNetwork, AynRand and BastiatSociety provide education resources, of course, Bitcoin.com provides many information about the quality of the bitcoin network.

The future of bitcoin

On Saturday, June 17th, Feecon participants participated in the discussion around the future of bitcoin. The group includes the contents of the FEE director Jeffrey Tucker, chief executive of Bitpay, Stephen Pyle, and Bitcoin.com COO Matt Tokar (MateTokay). The three men made a brief introduction of their background, their understanding of the bitcoin market, and answer some questions, such as the private key, cold storage, bitcoin scale debate and so on.

Many of the attendees in the future of bitcoin, especially regarding encryption currency solutions interest is very strong, they put forward a lot of problems bitcoin and innovation view. During the event, many people have come to understand how to use bitcoin, bitcoin wallet, Download purchase bitcoin and other issues.

Since bitcoin prices, several Feecon2017 participants only recently heard of bitcoin, and some are skilled users also have only heard of technology and never invested bitcoin users.

Feecon most of the participants in the bitcoin network and it provided the content is very excited. Many people are looking to learn all the things we spoke with.

Over the years, bitcoin has been the subject of liberal ideal personal support, and in 2017 the Feecon activities once again confirmed this point.

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