Fidelity for the traditional portfolio added bitcoin tracking service

Fidelity for the traditional portfolio added bitcoin tracking service

Fidelity users can now track in more traditional asset tracking at the same time, the bitcoin currency investment and encryption.

Laboratory research and innovation Department of the company Fidelity (FidelityLabs) recently announced the official startup Coinbase and encryption monetary cooperation, to achieve these functions. However, fidelity customers must have a Coinbase account to use this service, and the service will be held tomorrow officially launch of a user oriented.

This will effectively determine the CEO of the group AbbyJohnson in the 2017 Coindesk consensus conference (Consensus2017) on the first statement of the relevant work.

To this end, Fidelity’s senior vice president and executive director of the HadleyStern based on the Johnson proposed in a speech at the conference content to carry out the work, and that this is the company of new technology curious prospect.

Stern said to CoinDesk:

Our restaurant has to accept bitcoin payments. We have accepted the use of bitcoin to their fidelity Charity Fund (FCDA) donation. This is our cooperation with Coinbase in the development of bitcoin on the road to another milepost.”

He said: “every attempt at different, we are learning.”

Cautious ahead

The announcement coincided with the cooperation large traditional Financial Services Company are starting to take action to participate in the small scale crypto currency ecosystem, and these are also due to move from emerging asset class value driven by rapid growth.

For example, last month, American Express (AmericanExpress) reached a cooperation with bitcoin startup Abra, for the first time allows cardholders in the point-to-point payment application to buy bitcoin.

In a sense, the new service provided to customer fidelity investment to view their whole assets on a single platform (including encryption currency) portfolio, so as to increase its stake. However, at this point, this is a read-only function — which means that the client fails to perform the transaction at fidelity platform.

However, it still can be seen as the first step of the extended service company.

Hadley also hinted at the possible explanation, but he did not say, but that the statement is “fidelity continuous commitment” part of the use of new technology products and services.

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