Fidelity Investment Senior Vice President: Block chain will change the world

nnnIn the most recent interview with senior vice president of Fidelity, the company is very optimistic about the digital currency, that research and investment in the field can bring great returns, and fully affirmed the positive role of the block chain , That it will create new products and new services, change the world, and therefore should not hinder or prohibit its development.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nFidelity investment began to catch up with the trend of digital money is no longer a secret. CEO’s recent statement and the cooperation with Coinbase to develop digital currency have made the company a leader in professional digital money institutions.n
nThe $ 2.3 trillion investment giant has added digital money to the services provided to investors, but from the company’s point of view, there are still some problems.n
nHadley Stern is excited about the block chainn
nAn interview with senior vice president Hadley Stern recently revealed Fidelity’s more insight into the development trend of the investment market in the context of digital money and block chains.n
nStern is responsible for running the chain-chain incubator at Fidelity, and he believes that imagining the future of block-chain technology is like imagining Facebook or Google when the Internet browser has just been invented.n
nHe said:n
nn”I’m sure that the digital currency – either Bitcoin or other coins – will make everything faster and cheaper, and create new products and services that we can not imagine.”n
nnFidelity invests in a group of hedge funds and market analysts, who believe that digital money will bring a good return on investment.n
nAs Bitcoin prices continue to rise, investors who refuse to consider Bitcoin have been left behind.n
nPerhaps it is the emergence of “bubble” to make digital money to get more mainstream acceptance of the masses.n
nThe role is too large, can not be disabledn
nStern also made it clear that the government must accept the block chain, recognize the necessity of its existence, and disable the use of digital currency as a banned network.n
nAccording to him, this technique is to be retained, trying to prohibit or control it is useless.n
nStern summed up his view in the interview, that is, the power of the block chain technology will “change the world.”n
nHis comments reflect the optimism of the block chain and the digital money lovers, especially the concerns about SegWit and Bitcoin have subsided.n
nThe block chain technology analyst Michael Fisher said the “block chain can be used for everything”, lists these applications for voting, cybersecurity, health IT, education, insurance technology, retail and supply chain.n

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