Finally someone put MLM coins, coins, and other digital currency clearly!

Finally someone put MLM coins, coins, and other digital currency clearly!

Since the first password currency bitcoin successfully entered the public eye and gradually attract a large number of game player, more and more criminals are “virtual currency” of the tree shook Qian Shu. Then all coins, coins, coins, Morgan beta V treasure coins, coins, coins and other VEKA BBT virtual currency, virtual currency the Internet emerge in an endless stream, the birth of a new no longer has bitcoin revolutionary, more is reflected in the Ponzi scheme features a flower drum, has become a huge internet financial innovation in malignant tumor the.

The characteristics of virtual currency scam

First of all, most of the virtual currency bitcoin and claimed to take the same pattern of coinage. However, the difference is bitcoin open source, and the limited amount (about 21 million), every bitcoin is transparent, without any manipulation; and many other virtual currency is not open source, the number of generated virtual currency speed, by platform manipulation, as long as the developers are willing to platform, virtual currency issuance can be unlimited.

This leads to this kind of virtual currency in fact there is no scarcity theory, not a constant number, no scarcity there is no basic investment or the value of the collection, finally will become a pure value no flower drum pass game.

Secondly, this kind of virtual currency gains are generally divided into static and dynamic income income. Static income refers to the minting machine productivity gains. In order to attract more investors to participate in the know the truth of this game, this kind of virtual currency will tend to take the way of crazy MLM promotion, gain is way by pulling the head, this is called dynamic income.

In the actual operation of the process, the platform party generally does not encourage members to static income as the goal, but to encourage members to obtain dynamic benefits, hope that through continuous development of offline membership to profit, which is typical of the pyramid. Because nature has become a pyramid, so this kind of virtual currency is often short operation period. Generally within 6 months to return the money will be directly related to the peak net run away, change the name back.

MLM is different from bitcoin currency

But in many other ways, this kind of marketing is also completely different virtual currency and virtual currency bitcoin and other traditional sense.

One is the issue in different ways. Bitcoin virtual currency such as by issuing specific monetary institutions, which according to the specific algorithm, produced by a large number of calculations, is to the center of the issue. Each terminal node is responsible for maintaining the same books, and the maintenance process is mainly for the packaging and algorithm of transaction information encryption. The MLM virtual currency is often sent by pulling the head in the way of money reward.

The two is trading in different ways. Bitcoin virtual currency trading market is fragmented spontaneous formation, the formation of scale gradually after the establishment of the exchange by the third party to complete the transaction. The MLM virtual currency is issued, and the self built platform for trading.

Three different ways to realize. Such as virtual currency bitcoin itself is open source, the total limit of the parameters and modes are displayed on the open source code. But selling virtual currency called open source itself is completely copied from other open source code, and no use to build the program source code, so its essence is the same with Q coins can be affected by site control.

Virtual currency is different from the digital currency

Also reminded that the central bank recently Chinese made it clear that the future will issue a digital currency, this news has also been a lot of virtual currency misinterpreted.


First of all, the issuer is different. Most have a currency issued by the central bank, such as RMB issued uniform. But the bitcoin virtual currency such as the issuer is not concentrated.

Secondly, to obtain different ways. Bitcoin is some people unremitting grasp the algorithm “Exploitation” out, but the government will issue a digital currency for the National People’s public offering.

Third, different pricing principle. Bitcoin price is the market price fluctuations are very large, high and low. But a national currency must try to keep its stability.

Fourth, different scope of use. At present, including Chinese most countries in the world have not acknowledged the monetary attribute of bitcoin, although there are some companies to accept bitcoin institutions, and commercial places, but the scope is still very small. As a digital currency issued by the state, must be able to meet the maximum range of payment needs, but not the domestic demand for payment, may also include global demand for payment.

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