Financial expert Brian Wolf said bitcoin epidemic cannot be avoided

Financial expert Brian Wolf said bitcoin epidemic cannot be avoided

Financial expert Brian Wolf (BrianWolfe) on bitcoin’s strange and sudden attraction, he will love bitcoin and well-known currency to compare.

“Most people have the source of money, you would probably say get money from the bank. In fact, more sensible answer is the U.S. Federal Reserve board.” Wolf said.

For some people now bitcoin where you come from, or even more, what is bitcoin questions.

Wolfe finance as an assistant professor of management at the University of buffalo business school, said: “people can not fully understand bitcoin, for consumers, bitcoin has something new.”

The novelty is that since last year, bitcoin value has doubled. Since the 2009 bitcoin on the world financial stage, it not only shake the financial market, also led to other encryption currency.

Now, a federal judge in the United States Buffalo is involved in the national debate, he claimed that bitcoin is not money.

In the local with bitcoin money laundering case, the judge HughB.Scott ruled recently that bitcoin and similar goods, similar to a collection, rather than as a currency exists.

But Scott’s decision may be untenable, review the district judge may stand in a different position, the judge that the type of bitcoin problems increased people and businessmen eager to stay away from the law problems of the traditional forms of money.

Wolfe believes that bitcoin may not be the final answer, but the encryption currency and its present things will remain low cost digital transactions fast, distributed, and transactions are protected by encryption.

Wolfe said: “I think bitcoin popular it is inevitable that the underlying technology bitcoin is extremely powerful.

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