FinCEN make bitcoin training plan for the IRS tax inspector

FinCEN make bitcoin training plan for the IRS tax inspector

According to reports, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has been with the IRS (IRS) cooperation, to jointly develop bitcoin training plan for tax inspector.

Today, held in Washington DC’s ABA/ABA money laundering law enforcement meeting, director FinCEN JenniferShaskyCalvery said in a speech, the United States recently, have the right to a few organizations in the bitcoin ecosystem, in cooperation with the IRS, in order to related technical training tax inspector.

She said:

The IRS has developed a large number of training programs for the tax inspector, and the FinCEN is often involved in, or by other means to assist the training plan. In the virtual currency, FinCEN recently with the IRS, the IRS tax inspector for the design and implementation of training plan.”

Later, Calvery also emphasized said: FinCEN is the assessment of the digital currency company, will determine the “virtual currency exchange and whether the administrator can in accordance with the applicable rules, compliance obligations”.

She also pointed out that FinCEN take enforcement action against Ripple 2015, stressed that the institutions will take corresponding measures in violation of federal law industry company.

“We found the problem where… Supervision and law enforcement departments will where violations of the punishment, to promote the improvement of compliance”.

The meeting concerns

In the three days of the meeting, Calvery more than one speech, the bitcoin theme is clear.

According to the published schedule on the conference website, yesterday and today held a meeting of the group of experts “attention, due to the development of mobile payment technology, social progress, and the growth of encrypted digital currency fraud and money laundering risk also gradually formed the problem.

Expert group meeting by JP Morgan (JPMorgan&Chase) global executive director of KYC AaronBorst hosted, including Microsoft spokesman compliance senior director of Andr Burrell, the lawyer law firm BuckleySandler AmyKim and Silicon Valley bank financial group’s financial information and business risk management for WilliamVoorhees.

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