Finland law firms begin to accept bitcoin payments

Finland law firms begin to accept bitcoin payments


NordicLaw is located in the Finland Helsinki law firm, specializing in commercial and tax law. It was in October 12th in the company’s official website announced on Twitter and began to accept bitcoins as payment for its legal services.

The company seems to be the first to accept bitcoin payment firms, it said he had been assisting a number of virtual currency in Finland, especially to help them solve some tax problems. Another major reason for the company to make the decision in the Finland overseas customers in this field are more and more interested.

Notice on the NordicLaw website as follows: “because we are active in the development of overseas business, so some foreign customers asking whether we accept bitcoin payment…… We decided to start from October 1, 2017 to provide bitcoin payment options to customers. We believe that all relevant actors, including law firms must adapt to the new business environment, virtual currency is becoming more and more important.”

Bitcoin is accepted by more and more companies, especially high-end service and luxury industry company. This phenomenon not only publicity bitcoin, may also enable more people to accept bitcoin earlier. Such as Dubai’s AstonPlazaResidences, and even some governments are seeking to use this money to carry out resettlement project.

Not only is the luxury market in financial security is more and more not to protect the environment, more cheap brands have begun to accept bitcoin payments. This proves that accept bitcoin is not just a gimmick. For example, the cosmetics giant Lush recently announced that it will begin to accept bitcoin payments, joined the Steam gaming platform and other online retailers.

As these companies have entered the field of digital currency, and this currency legislation seems to be improved, and these companies will also need legal services related to the proof of the NordicLaw to accept bitcoin very wise decision.

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