FinTech: Although the total decline in venture capital but to block chain company capital growth

FinTech: Although the total decline in venture capital but to block chain company capital growth

Financial technology funds (FinTech) sector is an interesting shift. Although the total risk of investment in the field of FinTech decreased, but the flow of the block chain company capital continues to grow. The most important source of new financial technology innovation always. Block chain with insurance technology (Insurtech) together, is becoming a part of the main investment areas.

Venture capitalists always want to explore all areas of the latest and hottest trend. For the financial services and technology, which is the hottest new insurance technology and block chain. At least from the overall FinTech in the field of capital flows, indeed. Most people will think of digital currency company earlier this year, Circle had raised $60 million, which makes the total capital chain rose many blocks.

Over the past few quarters, investment block chain of company funds rose exponentially. In 2014 the situation is quite good, and in 2015. The first half of 2016, investment funds block chain project is almost equal to the amount of the whole year of 2015. At the same time, block chain related financing rounds have been reduced, although 2016 seems to also will break the number last year.

Precisely speaking, review the statistics in 2015, the blockchain investment broke all other areas of the FinTech industry. Half of the 2015 FinTech capital flows distributed books technology company, which raised 2/3 in positive development block in the company capital chain scheme.

As expected, a block chain company to raise venture capital financing, need not only sounds good words. The most successful companies have been related to actively use case. Most startups are still exploring the blockchain technology, but is expected to create use cases, although most still is a proof of concept.

If there is no proper application, then block chain technology for the average person is useless. Moreover, many projects should make substantive progress in the next few months. Now, venture capitalists continue to inject a lot of money into this technology. However, if there are no results soon, this situation may change.

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