Five real small business impact and bitcoin blockchain

Five real small business impact and bitcoin blockchain

Warm atmosphere blockchain technology and encryption currency may make small businesses feel neglected.

Even if the technology is not the top of the participants, these five suggestions can also make the entrepreneurs and small businesses use bitcoin blockchain and meet their financial and other requirements.

Small business with bitcoin and block chain, accept bitcoin and other encryption currency payment

The survival of encryption monetary revolution depends entirely on the acceptance, is good at small and medium enterprises. Some large companies, such as Amazon and Tesla began to accept encrypted currency, not many small businesses to participate in.

First, we talk about the benefits of your money to accept encryption:

The cost is almost zero. Credit card processing business casually can charge a service fee of 2-4%. Encryption is close to zero cost money transfer service, although usually charge a minimum cost (0-1%), which means you can save money. Note that you can use the service can quickly confirm the block chain transfer, but the acceleration needed more cost.

Faster capital channel. The bank does not participate in the transaction, not the center of the liquidation process. Which means you can get paid faster. For example, most commercial bank payment processing based on payment in one or two days. You can in a few minutes to a few hours to receive payment in bitcoins, encryption depends on the network load.

Not involving government. Because the encryption currency association or government regulators do not need to consider boundaries. You can avoid the international exchange rate or transaction fees.

Avoid controversy. Although encryption currency fully digital, but the principle is similar to cash rather than credit. All sales are final fixed customers, there is no dispute on the transaction. If you are not good for cost arguments, then accept encrypted currency can change the situation for you.

You can pass in a leading position in the field to get visibility. As setting special currency payment processor as simple encryption.

Although many services will provide the “wallet” function, some start-up companies have been beyond this category. CryptoPay for example bitcoin digital wallet and entity debit card, the user can accept debit cards in any Visa where consumption of crypto currency. CryptoPay is the most famous of the niche market participants in the program, through the ICO financing, improve the service.

Through smart signing contracts with suppliers

Contracts with providers usually require lawyers drafting contracts, let you and your customers to sign. May be the service or capital transaction contract, there is a specific time limit and schedule. You can wait until the final contract, the parties signed and notarized. You can finish the work for pay. If the other party is about to pay, you will find the lawyer, sued the other party.

Intelligent contract can simplify it.

Block chain technology makes smart contracts become possible, these are digitally signed a contract, in certain conditions, the execution of certain contracts. You will have to provide the services you create intelligent contracts, encryption currency amount agreed, the deadline for the completion of service.

Once submitted, the contract may not modify, copy can be preserved in the blockchain so node, so any time you can visit. Because of the contract in the block chain, can monitor the promised service execution. Then after the service is completed, according to the date encryption currency transactions, does not require any open process.

Some services to enterprises and individuals to perform intelligent contract binding, such as Agrello eliminates the dependence on intermediaries, such as lawyers, also eliminates the possibility of default.

The smart grid energy storage

Although encryption currencies have wasted power of criticism, we still see the block chain store electrical energy. In some big city, people sell solar power in the chain block each other.

Basically, they harvest their own solar panels and solar power, the excess is stored in the smart grid. Then use block chain technology to monitor the power use and availability of solar power generation, etc..

These communities also use block chain to neighbors or the power grid to sell excess electricity, or in their own solar battery use. The use of encryption currency all transactions.

As a small business owner, you can benefit from the extra energy of others, not to purchase electricity from the grid, save the cost, if you have a large enough solar equipment, you can even become a pure power supplier.

The United States is the P2P Broolyn micro grid energy market chain technology based on block. This kind of project and the project will improve our ability to monitor and manage the transaction, can also create a distributed network interconnection, large-scale transformation of the energy market.

Tracking Supplier Logistics City Transportation

As noted above, the block chain is tamper proof, can guarantee the authenticity of the document. You can add anything you need in the block chain, you can delete or modify any files or transaction. Although all parties can audit and monitor any thing.

It is important for the small and medium enterprises need to track inventory of the main. When you into the inventory, transactions are recorded in the block chain. When you sell the stock, but also records. When you transport inventory is recorded. Where did you buy the stock, who bought, who is in charge of transport also recorded, your life can be simpler. Means there is no operating system costs high, and the occasional trading may be modified or deleted. All of these real time, there is no substantial cost.

Some start-up companies try to change the supply chain. The future of unlimited potential, using this technology enterprise is just a matter of time.

The bitcoin wallet to pay utilities

In the past, people of one of the reasons provided encryption currency not vigorously is the daily use very little. We want to use it to pay bills or gas fee, let our bank account where the value of. Now the situation is slowly changing, we see more and more bitcoin wallet payment function for us to bring these.

The CryptoPay platform provides an easy way to pay bills, do not need to manually transfer to $bitcoin bank account. Some even put your wallet bitcoin exchange currency, so you will not be affected by the impact of price fluctuations.


Although in the past few years and did not like the crypto currency we expected it to be recognized, we still see the growth in place, including prices and different enterprises. Now involved can expand the target customers, to bring you some of the existing market can not give you the extra benefits provided by.

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