Five the British government must report the blockchain

Five the British government must report the blockchain

“The symbol of human progress is a new technology and the rise of the release of human ability and cleverness.”

This is the block chain and distributed ledger report this week by the chief scientific adviser to the UK government’s release.

The file that the new technology has a positive outlook, also suggest the government wide development and demonstration of the block chain and distributed ledger technology, this technology in attract global media attention and encourage a large number of “blockchain lovers.

Perhaps the best advice is to encourage research should learn from the British government of the technology application.

The author writes MarkWalport:

“Distributed Ledger has the potential to help the government to collect taxes, transfer benefits, issuing passports, land registration records, ensure commodity supply chain and ensure the integrity of government records and services.”

However, Walport continued to add a series of suggestions, predicted that the British government will be how to move forward his suggestion.

For those who missed the report of the people, we summed up the following five most compelling points:

1. using the block chain technology

Walport wrote that the most important task for the government to support distributed ledger development is how to improve the government in business and provide services to citizens in the future of the way to develop the technology.

Then, he suggested that the government should act as “expert customers” role, and also began to use this technique.

As a result, he believed that the government can support the development and influence of the Department of economic activities.


Provide ministerial leadership to ensure that the government can provide the prospect, leadership and platform for distributed ledger technology in government.

Specifically, the government departments should guide the government data as distributed ledger users, and the digital economy center (DCMS) should guide the government to become the driving force of distributed ledger.

2. of the investment

“In order to ensure the robustness and scalability, we need to understand the impact of different potential uses, financial costs and benefits of ethics and society,” said Walport.

He encouraged the British research and create performance tests, at the same time with the distributed ledger different solution experiment.

A research and development, he believes that Britain is in a favorable position, but also warned that the distributed ledger technology development interest and competition exist all over the world.


The research field should invest in research required, to ensure that the distributed ledger scalability and security, and to provide evidence for the validity of proof of its content. They need to provide low latency operation with high performance, at the same time, they need to save energy.

The newly created Alan Turing Institute (AlanTuring), and self organization of public and private research and development departments interested and relevant technology can play an important role.

The private sector should consider the investment research Alan Turing – so support pre competitive research, will promote new business applications are very healthy and safe. Including a significant work in the field, such as cryptography and network security, but also will be extended to the development of new type of algorithm.

3. create a regulatory framework

After years of research and development, the successful implementation of the distributed ledger will require good management, in order to protect the participants and stakeholders.

In order to ensure that the system can recover from a “systemic risk or criminal activities, appropriate controls must be in place.

“The challenge is to balance the interests of the participants in the system and the interests of society, while avoiding excessive innovation stifled rigid structure,” he said.


The government needs to consider how to combine the distributed ledger technical regulatory framework in place. The application and achievement of the regulatory needs and technology development at the same time.

As a part of regulatory consideration, the government should also consider how to achieve regulatory objectives using technical code and code of law. The digital economy center can use this advice.

4. set standards to ensure the safety and privacy

While acknowledging that “it is difficult to destroy Walport encryption system, but to clarify the risk of human error will affect the security and confidentiality, such as inappropriate encoding or hardware problems.

Therefore, he pointed out that the government should formulate appropriate standards, to ensure the integrity of the distributed ledger system, also called for further study of these potential problems.


The government needs to cooperate with academia and industry, to ensure the standard of integrity, security, distributed ledger privacy and their contents.

These standards also need to reflect on two aspects of supervision and software code.

5. to establish trust and interoperability

In a digital system, trust based on two key requirements: authentication and authorization. Walport recommends the use and establishment of identity management tools more powerful and perfect “to provide authentication, while protecting user privacy, whether they are individuals or organizations, government.

In addition, in order to “ability” to maximize the distributed ledger, they will need to be able to work with other ledger.

In addition to authentication, which will require data interoperability and interoperability policy execution and the international standard protocol.


In addition to the leadership and coordination from top to bottom, also need to develop abilities and skills within the government. We recommended the establishment of an inter governmental interest community, pooled analysis and policy communities, to the formation and development of the potential “case” and create a lot of knowledge and expertise in the civil service.

This is a very important opportunity for the government to encourage the commercial sector, by acting as a purchasing distributed application customer ledger.

Author: DanielPalmer

Translation: Anne@ bitcoin Chinese network

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