Florida judge believes that bitcoin is not money

Florida judge believes that bitcoin is not money

The huge fluctuations in the price of bitcoin can create a millionaire overnight, it can help the investors to instantly go bankrupt. But a judge in Florida, but that bitcoin is not money. According to foreign media reports, a judge in the Miami Dade County Court that MichellEspinoza use bitcoin to money laundering, undercover police illegal sale of $1500 worth of bitcoin.

Before trading, Espinoza was an undercover police officer told that they plan to use bitcoin to buy credit card (this is in accordance with the relevant provisions constitute the crime of money laundering in the state of Florida.). The provisions of the laws of the state of Florida, once the use of bitcoin financial transactions in the “promotion” of illegal activities, and can be charged with a crime.

Judge TeresaMaryPooler said: “the judge is not economic experts. But the court is very clear, there is still a long way to go before printing money and peer bitcoin.”

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