For bitcoin expansion of thousands of Japanese retailers in August 1st is expected to suspend bitcoin payment

For bitcoin expansion of thousands of Japanese retailers in August 1st is expected to suspend bitcoin payment


According to Japanese media reports, if bitcoin trading platform in Japan to stop the service, then Japan’s current more than 5000 to accept bitcoin payments to retail stores and restaurants, may suspend the use of bitcoin in August 1st after payment.

Since the Japanese government began to be recognized as a legal bitcoin payment after the acceptance of encryption currency retail stores and a large number of growth hall meal. However, according to media reports, some Japanese accept bitcoin retailers and restaurants are considering the use of digital currency, bitcoin for potential future split competition plan and suspension of trading.

The restaurant chain Heichinrou and leading electronics retail chain BicCamera by Bitflyer, Japan bitcoin exchange bitcoin payment. If Bitflyer closes its service, they are planning to stop bitcoin payment.

In addition, the Nikkei pointed out that accepting digital currency Bitcoinmall e-commerce website is also considering to suspend bitcoin trading days from August 1st.

Bitchange said: “at this time, we will rely on monacoin and other virtual currency, the operation of the company website, monacoin is a digital currency popular in japan.”

Recently Bitflyer help BicCamera store launched a nationwide bitcoin payment service. At the same time, Coincheck claims to have helped more than 5000 stores received encrypted currency, and is through a partnership with RecruitLifestyle to help the 26 10000 stores accept bitcoin.

Earlier this month, the two partners launched bitcoin payment, from the beginning of glasses retail chain Meganesuper, the company has 334 locations in japan.

Bitflyer issued a notice Wednesday that may stop bitcoin deposits and withdrawals and payment services in Japan time 22:00 on July 31st, until August 2nd.

Bitflyer: “in August 1, 2017, we may temporarily use Coincheck services bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, to protect the user assets, recovery date is not specified, but we expect a few hours to several days. In addition, if we decide to bitcoin fork not on August 1, 2017 at 12:00 in the morning, then the suspension of service will not happen.”

The Nikkei pointed out that retailers are expected to stop bitcoin payment has little effect, because most of the business is carried out by cash or credit card.

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