For bitcoin founder Nakamoto, these have been questioned!

For bitcoin founder Nakamoto, these have been questioned!

About the identity of the father in the Cong bitcoin speculation always can not stop, I believe every contact to bitcoin people will be on the mystery of the universe is full of great admiration, everyone wants a glimpse of his glory.

But Nakamoto remained mysterious, no one has to know his true identity, of course, in addition to his own.

However the truth is revealed before, SatoshiNakamoto has had several identities, some are “people find out, some of their own to jump out, others completely rely on guess. Let’s see who they are:

A new moon

In May 2012, computer scientist Ted Nelson? (TedNelson) thinks that Nakamoto So is a Japanese mathematician Wang Yue (ShinichiMochizuki). Nelson believes that a new moon is clever enough, and a new research field includes mathematical algorithms used by bitcoin. More importantly, the moon does not use the conventional academic publication mechanism, but work alone, published after let other people understand their.

However, some people questioned, think of interest Mochizuki design of bitcoin required cryptography is not.

I finally Mochizuki Nakamoto identity also denied.


On December 2013, blogger SkyeGrey by stylometry Nakamoto the analysis conclusion, that the true identity is a former George Washington University professor NickSzabo.

Szabo is keen to go to the center of the currency, but also published an article on “bits of gold” (bitgold) of the paper, is considered a pioneer in bitcoin. He is also a famous since 90s people love to use a pseudonym.

In a May 2011 article, Szabo said: “when talking about bitcoin creator in one I know enough, interested in the idea, and can be put into practice, originally only myself, Dai Wei (WeiDai, transliteration), HalFinney three, later Nakamoto appeared (assuming one this is not a Finney or Dai).”

In the beginning?

The most well known to the public that occurred in March 6, 2014. Newsweek reporter LeahMcGrathGoodman published an article that he had found the Nakamoto So, is a living in California, a Japanese American, named Dorian? In the “philosophy of history” is his birth name.

In addition to the same name, Goodman also found some evidence, one of the most powerful one is that when the Goodman is in a face-to-face interview with bitcoin and put forward the question, the answer seems Dorian confirmed the identity of the father of bitcoin:

“I have been involved in it no more, it cannot be discussed. It has been transferred to other people. They are now in charge of. I don’t have any contact.”

The authenticity of this passage also confirmed that the presence of the Losangeles County police.

Reports are open by the bitcoin community, including questioning and criticism of public opinion, but also caused a huge media interest. Reporters stampede in Dorian residential squatting, even chasing his car.

However, in a formal interview later, Dorian denied all connection between myself and bitcoin, said he had never heard of, just misunderstood Goodman’s question, thought she was asking about themselves before the military secrecy of the bearing.

Later that day, Nakamoto himself points out that. His P2P fund account after five years earlier sent the first message, said: “I am not in the beginning?.”

Craig? Stephen White?

On December 2015, wired magazine reported that Australian scholar Craig? Stephen? White is likely to be Nakamoto mami. At the same time also pointed out that perhaps a clever hoax but he carefully designed to make us believe that he is Nakamoto himself.

In 2016, Craig admitted Nakamoto, the evidence is encrypted signature Nakamoto, but questioned the file as long as the high point of hackers can find and download in the deep web. This encryption signature spread early in many computer master circle, the other is the first and the early evidence of the 9 block of bitcoin address private key, but if the private key is early bitcoin developer or who are likely to get close to it.

The key is to prove into the bitcoin bitcoin transaction in 2009 the first address, the address is regarded as Nakamoto, and asked to perform BBC reporters will be remitted back to 0.017 coins into, but ultimately did not sink back. After Craig announced to give up to prove that he is Nakamoto, and published a Gu around his blog.

Other guesses

There are some other individuals or groups are considered to be Nakamoto himself. Including:

1, Finland economic sociologist DrViliLehdonvirta and Irish cryptography graduate MichaelClear. Two people were denied.

2, German and American researchers, NealKing VladimirOksman and CharlesBry. They had to jointly apply for the registration of a bitcoin related patents, and bitcoin project official website with the domain name is registered after third days to submit the application for a patent. But three were denied this speculation.

3, bitcoin foundation chief scientist GavinAndresen, bitcoin trading platform Mt.Gox founder JedMcCaleb, or a government agency.

4, American entrepreneur and security researcher DustinD.Trammell, but he publicly denied.

5, some people think that the name SatochiNakamoto is actually a combination of four company names, including Samsung (Samsung), Toshiba (Toshiba), middle (Nakamichi) and Motorola (Motorola), suggesting that bitcoin is in fact the four companies jointly develop and to Nakamoto’s pseudonym to publish.

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