Forbes: bitcoin market data firm CEO forecast crypto currency market capitalization growth will continue to rise.

Forbes: bitcoin market data firm CEO forecast crypto currency market capitalization growth will continue to rise.

The money market in which encryption reverse development? The founder of January a crypto currency market intelligence start-ups forecast crypto currency market, especially the bitcoin market will rise, has proved the accuracy of the prediction; this is a more than 10000 round of financing in the etheric currency pre-sales company.

German Santiment is a collection of real-time market data encryption and sold to currency traders from Belarus company, company founder and CEO of MaksimBalashevich in January 2017 five on the prediction of non monetary value will rise bitcoin encryption.


And although bitcoin is encrypted in currency, boss, nearly all encrypted currency accounted for the total market capitalization of 90%, the prediction that other encryption currency will rise substantially beyond bitcoin “”.

His prediction based on ElliottWave theory, called non bitcoin encryption currency market will rise more than six billion dollars. Now not only the prediction come true, also a lot more than expected. The market value of the rapid rise, all non encrypted bitcoin monetary value is more than 8 billion 400 million dollars. Part of the reason is a good market for second Ethernet encryption currency currency bitcoin after the performance.

ElliottWave theory named at the end of the 1930s invention of the concept of professional accountants is RalphNelsonElliott, traders can be used to analyze a technical analysis of financial market cycle, investors tend to predict the extreme resolution philosophy of market trends. The theory that the market into the collective pessimism and optimism will drive the price fluctuation.

Dynamic encryption currency field a recent rise is known to increase understanding of smart contracts and block chain technology.

Deep understanding of ElliottWave theory, we can find that the main trend contains five waves, three waves is generally adjusted, then the fractal characteristics of the wave will make repeated at any time.

Timid and greedy

Balashevich has more than 10 years of experience in financial market analysis, said the encryption money market from fear, greed and ignorance to promote non bitcoin encryption currency show “highly sensitive effect on the collective mood, because the participants are afraid of missing the rapid rise trend and risk”.

And have good information can help you identify potential danger signals.

Born in Minsk in 2000 Balashevich arrived in Germany, forecast encryption currency bitcoin market outside the mood is still high. Said the 2017 will have a “dramatic rise”, and has been in the brewing.

“The third of the third wave

Forecast January blog Balashevich wrote, “non encrypted bitcoin monetary market is entering the ElliottWaves third out of third wave theory”.

That is to say the public aware there will be a main trend of rise or fall. “Bitcoin after the recent price hikes, encryption currency investment into the mainstream consciousness, we believe that the non currency bitcoin encryption will also experience a similar bull market in the next six to twelve months”.

2013 May Balashevich will be the wave analysis theory for non encrypted bitcoin currency, bitcoin monetary value encryption show all the outside are entering the third third wave of the so-called “graph” (thirdofathirdwave). This wave is considered in the theory of ElliottWaves is very special.

At that time, he said,

“It represents the value of money in the encryption key, we just break new highs. This means that we are probably heading into the acceptance rate of encryption currency under a band. Not surprisingly we will see most or all of the encryption of asset prices continued to rise”.

He also said, “it is only a mass correctly predicted the price direction, and this trend was most acceptable. So the good news, the price rose steadily.

The wave pattern of scientific practitioners can be seen at the beginning of the whole encryption currency market model is different, “close to the third wave in the middle”. “It still needs a series of movements to complete the wave”. The latter activities do not like bitcoin currency market volatility and encryption as “fierce”.

When compared the encryption of money market, in order to analysis as the basis, Balashevich asserts that “we can determine the next 6-12 months, bitcoin non encryption currency market will be increased more than bitcoin market”.

“We may see bitcoin non encrypted currency valuation of about $seven billion. The digital mapping based on typical ElliottWaves Fibonacci, here is a three wave wave size 1.61 or 2.61 times. We saw a wave rose from $500 million to $2 billion 800 million (or $2 billion 300 million). So based on the next wave model, we can predict the next time or between $3 billion 500 million to $6 billion”. And now has proved beyond expectations.

Intelligent contract and anonymity

Santiment focus of traders and investors, claims that its network using machine language learning and the wisdom of the masses to provide participants beyond the competitors’ information advantage, forecasting field of intelligent contracts and anonymity as the core will be the main benefit of encryption currency investment in the next wave. This is because these areas are bitcoin “failed to innovation”.

“Smart contracts in the near future can greatly affect the way we use the internet. On the one hand has ICO and token economy. ICO has been a problem, not all financing projects to fulfill the promise. We may see the bubble ICO at one time”.

He warned:

“But ICO is by far the most democratic, transparent, frictionless finance and modern digital enterprise operation mode. I don’t doubt that a strong community will build appropriate open source environment, the trend of the maximum utilization”.

In early 2017 Balashevich said Fang seems to be intelligent Ethernet and ICO development contract to develop the “actual platform options”, “the majority of ICO here is initiated, we expect this trend will continue. The open platform of the etheric Fang team can let a lot of cooperation to build many necessary components, such as the need of contemporary digital company run to the center of the exchange, mobile client, CDN (content delivery network), and the stability of the currency market forecast encryption”.

According to his prediction, the result is the etheric coins and all etheric square block chain company “can bring a considerable part of the added value”.

Because after the first bitcoin, Ethernet Fang called bitcoin 2″. In April 12th the etheric currency transaction price of $46.43, market capitalization of more than $four billion. With the beginning of the market value of $722 million in a large gap. In mid March this year, the price reached $30 last month, after the rush to $53. Even the recent prices fell slightly, still to the non monetary value of bitcoin encryption do great contribution.

However, the market performance of bitcoin currency is a great degree of encryption depends on Ethernet Ethernet square, if currency price reversal will not affect the overall market value? On this point, only time can tell us.

But now there are hundreds of encryption currency, can determine the winner among the garbage. GEMResearch CEO and President of research, “What’sTheDealWithBitcoins JackTatar?” the author also said. I remember when he said, “there are some real rubbish”. So the selection and research of the wise is good.

The public mood

The public mood Santiment platform called the user can obtain the “emotional data that cannot be found anywhere else”. This is the theory and the sales model can provide more rapid and favorable encryption currency trading decision.

And it can earn tokens, tokens can be used for Santiment network encryption money financing game “or for the so-called” original market insights”.

Use their platform users can get a clear market analysis, and comparison of friends emotional data “will become vulnerable, won the” strengths “test” simulator help.

In February 13th this year, Santiment started 2.5 hours to raise 12000 dollars over the Ethernet ICO, is about $525 thousand. The start-up after the completion of the pre financing target, the money will be used for the white paper and the minimum product of the project feasibility. It also reached a number of cooperation projects, including some German university.

Market forecast

One might ask whether the market can be predicted, especially encryption currency market. Last year, Balashevich said in a blog, “the truth is, no one can accurately predict 100%. It is the attribute of the beast. I think if nobody can predict the market, it means that we are in the same boat, can only guess what might happen next”. So we are not isolated.

But no matter what investors do encryption currency field, we must remind them to safely keep the encryption of assets. If not properly treated, any long time accumulation of monetary benefits will be an encryption.

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