Forecast 2021: cryptocash beyond bitcoin is sprouting

Two conjectures: about time, the essence of time is the change of information receiving. In other words, the Doppler effect of information reception can be equivalent to special relativity. Another essence of quantum true randomness is that vacuum itself is not absolute vacuum, but there is a more basic existence. True randomness is true, but random occurrence is not the same. For example, the nucleus and the electron are not a single electron rotating around the nucleus, but the random existence of different electrons around the electron. To make a analogy, it is a bit like heated water, and bubbles pop up randomly on the water surface. Each bubble explosion is not the same as other bubble explosions. Of course, the electrons in the electron cloud are certainly not bubble explosions, but may be like vortex and vacuum There are a lot of vortex combinations in it, and only the broken ones will show up, just like bubble explosions. Algorithmic stable currency is now on the eve of the birth of bitcoin. Just like the global crisis in 2018, 2020 is actually a global crisis, and human society has come to an inflection point. The algorithm stabilizes the currency itself, and the assets it anchors may be more realistic. For example, anchoring the global economy, daily oil production, bitcoin, and total gold storage. Some experts predict that central banks will start to buy bitcoin this year, and bitcoin will become the target of national collection and storage value. The US dollar, which is supported by the US national credit, is actually very unreliable. The issuance of US dollars according to the needs of our own country is a plunder of the wealth of other countries in the global financial system. You know, the dollar is no longer the gold base, it just uses the gold standard to achieve the purpose of global trust. The global crisis in 2020 calls for a better “cash” than the US dollar. Now it should be based on encryption technology. From rebase 1.0 to 2.0 now, the next step is “encrypted cash”. There will be a great algorithmic stable currency like bitcoin, but its significance is greater than bitcoin, and it will be far greater than bitcoin in application and market value. It’s a cryptocurrency that really has the potential to surpass bitcoin. Cryptocash is the third largest category in parallel with bitcoin and Ethereum. Its market value will exceed usdt and bitcoin. Today’s people can hardly imagine that it will become the cryptocurrency with the largest market value. Of course, it takes at least two bull bear cycles, more than eight years. Some people say: algorithm stable currency is an innovative experiment with the characteristics of capital disk, which is very good. In fact, it is a very good thing for algorithm to stabilize the outbreak of currency phenomenon. It is simply to cover the previous AC single mode with innovative mode, which is better than that of new innovative new projects behind. If an area is promoted by a single person, it means that the whole ecological environment is in a state of stagnation. In addition, there is another possibility that the second wave of defi will no longer be dominated by foreign teams like the first wave. Instead, there will be big explosion projects led by the Oriental team and the Chinese team. Because it is more beneficial for the latecomers to develop and grow by simply relying on the attraction of the project itself rather than relying on the big names. The Oriental Language area also needs not worry about the first mover strength of the western language area, which is a great benefit for the Chinese team. At present, there are many counterfeit currency projects that lock up more than 100 million dollars, and some even exceed one billion dollars in less than one day. Although some projects begin to question a lot, they will naturally enter the mainstream array with rapid expansion, just like the last wave of sushiswap. It can be said that in the new wave of DFI boom, a number of global projects done by Chinese teams will inevitably rise. However, most of the popular algorithm stable coins we see now are only historical passers-by, including ampl and BAC / BAS, which may be longer. After all, they are also the founders of rebase 1.0 and 2.0. History will not forget the founders. Even if the design is too complex, complex things should be handed over to pure algorithm implementation. No matter what kind of currency it is, it needs a steady stream of new money to enter. Bitcoin is the same, but the algorithmic stable currency accelerates this speed in the pattern design. At the same time, because there are too many similar coins, it also speeds up the outflow speed. The naked capital locusts, whether hundreds of millions of dollars or tens of thousands of yuan, are the same. Compared with bitcoin, the stable algorithmic cryptocurrency is more meaningful in principle to Nakamoto’s original goal, that is, “electronic cash”. Innovation in the field of blockchain will change with each passing day in 2020. Since the birth of ampl, algorithmic stable currency suddenly broke out after several months of silence of defi. Rebase 2.0 mode overturned some disadvantages of ampl and started a new surge in the wave of defi. Since then, it seems that a new kind of cryptocurrency has appeared, that is, cryptocash. If crypto cash is regarded as a new cryptocurrency species, then the cryptocurrency classification is as follows: 1. Asset currency (the cryptocurrency for storing assets such as bitcoin, letcoin, etc.); 2. Application currency (public chain currency, public chain token, etc., all kinds of Ethereum token and fil as we know) 3. Cryptocurrency (algorithm stable currency will evolve to the next update) The market value of encrypted cash is much higher than that of the previous two currencies, and it can be integrated with the application, which fully conforms to the cash application of the encryption world, and can also be used as an asset. The market value of encrypted cash is far more than asset currency and application currency. It will be 10 times, 100 times, or even 10000 times of the first two. Its market value can even include global currencies m2 and M3. The large-scale use of NFT should be the “e-commerce” or “insurance policy” corresponding to the reality, which is more frequent and more demanding than “collection and storage value”. In e-commerce, there will be encryption and legalization of digital goods, such as music, film and television, novels and pictures, game props, as well as encryption and legalization of physical goods, such as Maotai liquor, books and so on. In addition to e-commerce, there are also many rigid needs in the financial field, such as insurance policies. However, the collection field is unlikely to lead to NFT boom. Therefore, only with the birth of encryption e-commerce, can NFT break out. In the big bull market tomorrow, there will be large enterprises or financial institutions with large funds to acquire emerging blockchain projects. Ten times more than the previous amount of capital, the amount of capital into the same as the previous Internet boom VC investment of hundreds of millions of dollars. When uni has been unable to rise from the decline, many people think that uni has not captured the value of uniswap itself, and the governance token has no value as equity currency. The traditional Internet tends to attract VC through packaging, including packaging team, packaging experience, packaging business flow, packaging user volume, etc. the same trend was also found in the 1c0 period of blockchain 2.0, but it is basically useless now, because many data are basically useless, and the chain is very clear. Even more extreme, it’s the anonymous team, just show the code. Andrew keys said: in Web 2.0, the vast majority of the value lies in the application layer of the stack. The world’s largest Internet company is not one that maintains the HTTP protocol, but one that provides end users with the most valuable and deeply dependent experience. In Web 3.0, value will shift from the application layer to the protocol infrastructure. On December 31, Andre cronje, founder of yfi, issued another coin, this time as a pledge stable currency. He published a medium article to introduce ycredit, a new bond token issued by stable credit, a mortgage based stable currency deposit and lending agreement based on AMM. Users can mortgage erc20 assets to obtain 99.5% of ycredit stable currency lending line. He also said ycredit is not a speculative token and is currently in the experimental stage and could be attacked by hackers. The above is only for exploring cat’s self thinking learning notes. It is not a popular science article generally understood by most people. Discovery cat does not recommend that anyone purchase any encrypted token.

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