Foreign bitcoin prices catch up with domestic innovation high

Foreign bitcoin prices catch up with domestic innovation high

According to the news, on Saturday, the price of bitcoin and break a record, but this breakthrough is done in the foreign market, the domestic prices did not break through the history.

As of February 24th 19, according to the European bitcoin exchange BitStamp, bitcoin prices exceeded $1200, the highest intraday record high of $1220, foreign exchange, one step closer to the price of gold, gold prices reported 1250 U.S. dollars / ounce. Reuters reported that the total value of bitcoin is close to $20 billion, and Iceland’s economy is.

Due to the bitcoin exchange at home and abroad, the price is different, and there is no uniform price, so although foreign broke the record, but in the domestic exchange price, and can not exceed the peak of January 5th and the foreign exchange market, the price is generally higher than domestic, industry insiders pointed out that China led the market has ended, China outside the price upside down.

A senior industry source said, in 2014 the world’s largest bitcoin trading platform – Japan exchange Mt.Gox due to the loss of a large number of bitcoins after the collapse of the Chinese market began to dominate the bargaining power, until the beginning of January 2017 Chinese the central bank to strengthen the supervision of bitcoin. At present, the domestic and foreign market “Rainbow Night”, China trading enthusiasm has been restrained, now users are watching, that money pocket for security, and as a product of global technology, bitcoin News International recently constantly, especially in japan.

Since January 6th, the people’s Bank of China through interviews with bitcoin exchange mode, the working group stationed in platform office, responsible for repeatedly announcement of survey results, conducted several rectification in just over a month bitcoin industry, in order to “push” industry bubble.

In the process, bitcoin price shocks, plunging and slowly pulled up. While the domestic bit than exchange transaction fees charged, stop financing currency business, trading volume fell last year in the global market share of 90%, now has slipped to below 30%.

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