Foreign media broke the news! Some people began to dig bitcoin in Korea or in connection with the North Korean government?

Foreign media broke the news! Some people began to dig bitcoin in Korea or in connection with the North Korean government?


Recently, the news broke, some people began to dig bitcoin in North korea.

From RecordedFuture news shows, in May 17th, North Korea launched a relatively large scale of mining operations. In May 17th, bitcoin node records in the country can be said to be the least.

RecordedFuture said:

“Before May 17th, the country does not exist any correlation with bitcoin website or node, there is no use of what bitcoin special port or agreement. From that day, this kind of activity is the exponential growth trend, from scratch, from there to hundreds of times each day.”

North Korea and eternal blue links

Why North Korea suddenly began to dig bitcoin, RecordedFuture proposed a complex theory: they put bitcoin mining start time and eternal blue extortion virus (Wannacry) in the May attacks linked together.

Eternal Blue bad deeds visible before the eyes:

From the beginning the evening of May 12th, a lock of computer malware is spreading rapidly around the world, there are tens of thousands of computer in nearly 100 countries and regions under attack. Computer hackers will the information in the document locked, and demanded payment of $300 equivalent bitcoin can unlock files.

RecordedFuture pointed out that, obviously, North Korea began to bitcoin mining and in the domestic production of bitcoin, so they can not only put the bitcoin out of extortion in the wallet, but also to distance themselves from their logical relationship and blackmail events.

Of course, this is just an explanation of the origin of the eternal blue events. The financial times and other media speculation, the eternal blue and the U.S. National Security Bureau (NSA) virus, and the shadow broker (ShadowBrokers) organization.

Therefore, apart from the RecordedFuture analysis does not talk, we can draw between North Korea and the eternal blue virus has no direct contact, or obvious.

Nevertheless, some people can be determined in the Korean large-scale excavation bitcoin thing.

Who runs North Korea’s bitcoin mining operation?

Who is in the running of North Korea’s bitcoin mining industry problems, each one sticks to his argument RecordedFuture said in the report, however, this is likely to be the North Korean government to do.

RecordedFuture said it is unclear exactly who bitcoin mining in North Korea; however, given the country’s computer number, IP limited space, computer intensive activities are unlikely to occur in countries outside the control.

In addition, for the common people of North Korea, access to the Internet connection is almost impossible. The government does not provide the public access to a worldwide network of rights, only a handful of senior military or government officials have the right to use the network.

Most people only occasionally visit some of North Korea’s intranet (only basic website). This is only a few TV channel.

RecordedFuture will draw the conclusion of the North Korean government to participate in mining. But there is no definite conclusion.

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