Foreign media: Holland’s central bank announced the development of a digital currency block chain based on Technology

Foreign media: Holland’s central bank announced the development of a digital currency block chain based on Technology

Commentary: runaway global central banks have begun to attach importance to the application of block chain technology, the digital currency is still not relax vigilance. Including officials within the Bank of England digital currency circulation said very worried, but this did not prevent the further exploration. Holland’s central bank said it opened blockchain digital currency “DNBCoin” internal research and development, just out of caution, and did not specify the purpose. But as payment and bank business consultant SimonLelieveldt said, Holland’s central bank move at least let us see the hope of digital currency.

A recent news report, the Central Bank of Holland is committed to the development of a “internal blockchain currency prototype DNBCoin”.

The Central Bank of Holland (DNB, DeNederlandscheBank) has a detailed description of the test items of information in the annual report March 16th. DNB concluded that block chain technology can improve the quality of service, use DNB project research results may provide a clue.


The project is called “money chain prototype” block based on the technology, there is no detailed project release and target. DNBCoin is in this context, we will be known as the “2016”, it shows that DBNCoin is the developer of this year the bank’s internal priorities.

The report mentioned several times, block chain technology can save costs for the financial sector; only the central bank admitted that, now that the next few years will be launched what application is still too early.

The report pointed out: “the block chain technology will affect the banking system revenue model, reduce costs and provide ways for banks to increase income.”

Payment and bank business consultant SimonLelieveldt said, this project shows, Holland’s central bank hopes to complete the physical currency conversion to digital currency by block chain technology.

“So this time we see the central banks to explore the electronic currency field (now referred to as the blockchain or Internet Banking), is no longer the exploration to prohibit their entry into the market, but hope to develop a digital currency instead of cash. 因此这次央行的举措可能会与以往不同了。”

The central bank and the blockchain


In recent months, the central bank officials in the world more and more, especially the Bank of England, pointed out that the block chain technology can be used for digital currency more centralized.

However, people in the debate, the implementation process may bring long-term impact to the bank system.

Claiming to believe that bitcoin will not large-scale circulation vice chairman of the monetary policy of Bank of England BenBroadbent, in a speech earlier this month, is expected to digital currency issued by the central bank deposit will reshape people’s behavior; even more extreme cases, consumers use digital money, can inhibit the ability of bank loans.

But his concerns and has no effect on the central bank to issue a digital currency proposal.

England Bank recently is to stimulate more British researchers, proposed the issue of a new digital currency “RSCoin”, but the central bank did not actively participate in the proposal.

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