Foreign media secret than Chinese real estate corporation is a group of people crazy: selling fried bitcoin

Foreign media secret than Chinese real estate corporation is a group of people crazy: selling fried bitcoin


Bitcoin crazy still continues! In New Zealand, the latest signs that many investors have gone insane, and even the local people to sell bitcoin houses, or their homes built into bitcoin mining platform.

More ironically, real estate and bitcoin bitcoin is obviously more than, crazy. New Zealand’s real estate market has greatly expanded, a lot of foreign capital influx of New Zealand, in accordance with the “New Zealand Herald” that Chinese real mission is the most active real estate market in New Zealand investment group.

But in this context, investors are still optimistic about the crazy bitcoin. Can you imagine such a picture: a small room on land in Oakland, with powerful computer hardware incredible, millions of bytes per second, is crazy…… It’s no wonder that in 2013, bitcoin price is about $1, but as of press time earlier, bitcoin worth more than $18000.

There is a New Zealand IT person, a secret place him in the west of Oakland, to create a “virtual currency of mine”. He sold his house in Hamilton, computer equipment bought expensive, high performance. Then, he and partner together in a small room “virtual currency mine”, he received a $300 thousand investment in the equity of $60 thousand.

Then, in addition to cost NZ $1500 (about $1000) of the bill, the “secret miners” basically can sit down and watch the cash coming — which makes him for his wedding and honeymoon in Fiji he fund. But the mining work is not so easy, at 35 degrees Celsius temperature, must keep staring at his expensive equipment. But in addition to the $1500 monthly electricity bills, the digital miners can use his mobile phone to control the intelligent mining process, looking at his virtual currency appreciation and depreciation.

So far, the number is still growing at an alarming rate. In just three months, the IT who provides funds for his $30 thousand wedding and honeymoon and travel to Fiji. Although bitcoin price volatility also let him fear meat skip, but now the days far exceeded that in the worst case.

In general, the 30 year old New Zealand IT who is just a microcosm of the New Zealand bitcoin crazy tide. Since bitcoin and digital currency or a “unknown”, perhaps 5 years, 10 years later, bitcoin volatility will make the bubble burst, but for now return, why don’t people insane.

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