Foreign media: the United States (Midea) want to use household appliances to bitcoin mining

Foreign media: the United States (Midea) want to use household appliances to bitcoin mining


According to public records, Chinese household electrical appliances manufacturers main beauty (MideaGroup) is seeking a bitcoin mining scheme patent for household appliances.

The State Intellectual Property Office of People’s Republic of China (SIPO) earlier this year announced the November last year submitted without application report.

This application requires, in air conditioning, TV and dehumidifier installed inside the chip built-in. By programming, these products will be connected to the cloud server, and provides the hash function to force in the background.

The patent application writes:

“The scheme includes the following steps: network access control of home appliances, and household appliances through the login accounts bitcoin bitcoin account here refers to a registered bitcoin mining site now accounts; a driving controller of household appliances in the bitcoin mining site, to dig, and bit in a currency with the bitcoin bitcoin wallet account docking.”

The patent application writes, will not affect the normal use of software running mining equipment, and the system can even work on electrical appliances not in operation.

Therefore, the “home appliance service scope and improve the commercial value,” also brought some extra income for the product owner.

The concept itself has been explored for many years, before bitcoin startups 21Inc, after the electric company Chinese beauty.

The feasibility of software patents in China is a bit unclear. A computer program cannot be patented, but some are eligible for copyright protection. SIPO said that if the combination of code and hardware is truly innovative things, the software can apply for a patent.

The United States is a large scale enterprise with more than 125 thousand employees, in the 2017 Fortune Global 500 ranked 450.

Earlier this year in the financial statements, the company reported to FY2016 more than $22 billion, including $2 billion in profits.

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