Foreign users of bitcoin OTC has great influence China bitcoin market!

Foreign users of bitcoin OTC has great influence China bitcoin market!

Transactions in the Chinese exchange on the part of the user, but they are not Chinese. Many foreign traders (even a lot of “Zhuang” class) also traded here.

In addition, rumors, dollar denominated by over-the-counter (OTC) of bitcoin OTC, than exchange transactions to more. This means that the exchange amount, whether it is Chinese market or in other markets, may be just the tip of the iceberg.

Because a lot of people in the bitcoin OTC, because it is more convenient and more intimate.

There is no doubt that the price impact China market transactions bitcoin is huge. If Chinese market demand for bitcoin dried up, so the price of bitcoin would have been a major blow.

But the trading volume Chinese exaggerated, false conclusions will lead to the value of bitcoin completely from China investors. After all, there are many foreign traders in bitcoin otc.

It really is, China influence in the field of Internet is increasing. The most profitable bitcoin companies in almost all Chinese, it was not an accident. Here the startups and investors are aware of the bitcoin unique utility and historical importance. Speculative potential bitcoin is secondary.

In the worst case: if Chinese exchanges were closed, tired or Chinese traders bitcoin, and transferred to another asset speculation, bitcoin will not disappear. A lot of people will bitcoin OTC, its value proposition is very strong. Before the emergence of these possibilities is extremely low, bitcoin will continue to grow in China.

Chinese traders bitcoin interest will always is a key factor affecting the price of bitcoin. But in view of the increased China influence in the world, it is also suitable for any kind of assets, goods or currency.

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