Former British Prime Minister Cameron praised the blockchain Technology

Former British Prime Minister Cameron praised the blockchain Technology


According to reports, the former British Prime Minister David Cameron said bitcoin blockchain and technology can improve financial inclusion and the potential to improve government transparency.

Cameron served as prime minister in 2010 to 2016, June 24, 2016, the British by democratic vote announced from the EU after Cameron announced that he would resign. According to business Insider (BusinessInsider) reported earlier this month that Cameron limited to block chain technology understanding in recognition of bitcoin startups Blockchain New London office, but he also said the field block chain technology outside financial circles may also have a profound effect, especially in the field of public service.

He said: “obviously, in the bank, finance, insurance and other areas of block chain technology will have a lot of chances, but I think the blockchain technology will change some of the existing public service application.”

At the same time, Cameron pointed out that the block chain technology can help those people who have no knowledge of the financial property rights, convenient trading.

He added: “you will have a lot of opportunities, for example in the remittance market – this is a huge potential market, the blockchain technology can help people reduce the transaction cost, property right and better protect the people.

This is not the former Prime Minister Cameron first contact with the Blockchain company. In 2015, Cameron in the Asian economic and trade during the visit, the start-up company as the British science and technology finance business representatives to participate in the visit.

In this week’s comments, Cameron expressed support for application of block chain technology in the provision of government transparency, this can increase the credibility of government agencies.

He concluded: “I think all the fields in an exciting reform edge, people involved in public service reform is great.” (Translation: bitcoin home / Liu You)

In June 2016, the UK and the EU “break up”, Cameron hummed to leave, to leave the world a “smart”. In September 2016, Cameron announced his resignation from the British Parliament MPs duties, completely out of British politics.

However, the recent British media reports, Cameron will run for the NATO Secretary General, and the media generally believe that Cameron will become the most likely one of the candidates was elected secretary general of nato”.

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