France’s third largest bus companies to accept bitcoin payments

France’s third largest bus companies to accept bitcoin payments

According to reports, France’s third largest bus company Isilines has begun to accept bitcoin payments, it is reported that this is the first in the field bus company received encrypted currency.

Partner is Paymium

In order to accept bitcoin payments, Isilines has reached a cooperation with the French start-up company Paymium, Paymium is similar to Coinbase, the focus on bitcoin trading between compatible with the euro, provide business processing and other services,


This start-up company is headquartered in Paris, also operates the OTC trading and real-time trading platform, in addition to a number of other services, including enterprise payment processing, and email bitcoin, and all of the company’s services, payment services are in line with European regulations.


The six month trial

It is reported that Isilines is on August 2nd by Paymium to accept bitcoin payments, according to French media ITespresso reports, the acceptance test for a period of six months, at the end of the experiment, Isilines will evaluate the results.

Paymium is currently the integration of bitcoin payment businesses, to provide a 6 month free trial period. After the free trial period, it will charge 0.59% fee. However, even if it is the existence of transaction costs, the rate is lower than the traditional credit card. “This new service is a part of our innovation policy,” chief executive TransdevFrance RichardDujardin said in a statement.

According to the ITespresso website:

“Transaction verification need to wait 10 minutes, then bitcoin funds will be immediately converted into euros, this way can let travelers avoid credit card payment due to high transaction costs.”

France is the third largest bus company

Isilines is a subsidiary of Transdev group, the French state-owned holding company CaissedesDepotsetConsignations owns a 60% stake in the company, it is France’s third largest bus company, which is ranked in the Munich FlixBus and Ouibus ltd..

Do you think to accept bitcoin payments, will help Isilines to achieve their profit goals faster? Welcome and group discussion.

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