French media: bitcoin trading chiefs alleged embezzlement trial in Tokyo

French media: bitcoin trading chiefs alleged embezzlement trial in Tokyo


French media said, on the mountain, gorkss bitcoin trading platform bankrupt former CEO Mark Karple trial of 11 days in Tokyo, he was charged in connection with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bitcoins disappeared, but he denied the crime.

According to the Agence France-Presse of Tokyo reported on July 11th, the French citizens aged 32, was arrested on August 2015, after nearly a year on bail, he was accused of fraud and misappropriation of huge amount of data manipulation of bitcoin, these bitcoin disappeared down the reputation of this digital currency.

People know that in court, Karl Poole was accused of repeatedly manipulating computer data “for personal consumption, including pay 6 million yen ($52 thousand and 500) for the purchase of luxury bed from the company account transfer.

Karl Poole said to the judge in Japanese: “I swear to God I’m innocent. Gorkss losses mountain company went bankrupt for many people, as chief executive at the time, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.”

The Tokyo based trading platform once claimed that handled about 80% of global bitcoin transactions. In 2014 it admitted 850 thousand bitcoins (then about $480 million). The company initially declared that there is a loophole bitcoin behind the software, allowing hackers to steal bitcoin.

Carle Poole later claimed that he found 200 thousand pieces missing bitcoin in a “cold wallet”, “cold wallet” is a kind of storage device is not connected with the other computer, such as memory stick.

In the trial of Karl Poole said: “the main reason bitcoin disappeared is external hacker attacks.”

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