French police seized an illegal bitcoin exchange

French police seized an illegal bitcoin exchange

French police recently seized an illegal business in the country bitcoin exchange, confiscated the 388 bitcoins, these coins to count about two hundred thousand euros at current prices ($two hundred and seventy-two thousand and eight hundred).

The police arrested three suspects involved in Cannes, Toulouse, nice, they run to the user site suspected of illegally selling and borrowing bitcoin. According to the sources, a retired policeman in the purchase of bitcoin by financial researchers warned, informed the authorities.

The investigation of the case prosecutor Olivier Karako said, this is the first European for judicial acts lead to illegal virtual currency exchange closed case. He added: “this is the first time in accordance with the French judicial confiscated bitcoin.”

The parties are the station administrator, administrator of the wife and the station’s suppliers. One of the suspects in custody has been lifted, and the other two suspects were tried, and in the judicial supervision of the state. They were interrogated for illegal banks, money laundering and operating illegal gambling sites and other potential charges.

The French authorities also seized the credit card, computer hardware and nine thousand euros in cash.

The money

在2013年11月至2014年7月期间,该站点至少处理了2750笔交易,交易了至少2500枚比特币,总价值超过一百万欧元。 Police said the site without

Responsible for the supervision and approval of the banking and Insurance Department of the Bank of france.

“Like all of the virtual currency,” they told the “weekly point of view”, “high risk of illegal abuse of bitcoin. On the one hand is because around its existence and operation of the opacity, on the other hand, because of the money market participants lack of supervision.”

La Maison Du Bitcoin founder refuted the claim. And said that because of gambling by strict management in France, this news is not surprising.

“From our point of view, because the police investigation to deal with the euro business activities the same way successfully banned the illegal operation, which confirmed the ideal currency bitcoin is not” criminals “.”

Bitcoin in France

La Maison Du Bitcoin is the first bitcoin center of france. It opened in April this year, a few months after the French central bank issued a bitcoin volatility warning, warning statement bitcoin does not pose a threat to financial stability, but will bring risks to those who choose to bitcoin investment people.

In the same month, the French economy and Finance Ministry issued a statement of policy guidance, said bitcoin is not considered a legitimate currency with French monetary and financial code, but through the encryption currency trading income should still pay taxes.

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