From a Core developer Bitcoin Core retorted, soft monopoly branch?

From a Core developer Bitcoin Core retorted, soft monopoly branch?

Since the isolation of witness development, more and more soft forked bitcoin supporters criticized the BitcoinCore bifurcation hard implementation process, claiming that Core developers completely monopolized the process.

BitcoinCore developer JeffGarzik and Ethernet workshop co-founder VitalikButerin pointed out that the vast majority of soft bifurcation must BitcoinCore developers based on the consensus, finally to decide whether the bitcoin network implementation of soft branch.

Garzik said the expansion in August 30th the chain conference bitcoin status report:

“From the user’s point of view, soft bifurcation is very special, are not considered within the scope, because the whole network is locked into a new consensus rule.”

Buterin stressed that the soft bifurcation involving a variety of political issues, because the soft forked restricted possibility to create and launch innovative projects, such as the ZCash project.

Essentially, Garzik and Buterin that the implementation does not reflect the real soft bifurcation views bitcoin open source community, because the soft bifurcation is verified by the BitcoinCore developer, the acceptance and implementation, rather than by the miners and node operators.

However, BitcoinCore developer and CiphrexCEOEricLombrozo against Garzik and Buterin statement, he said the Core developers will verify bitcoin improve agreement in writing before (BIP) idea, confirm the technical level of BitcoinCore software and their applicability. In an interview with the BitcoinMagazine Lombrozo explains why he believes bitcoin to the center is very powerful, as well as miners and operators is the key node.

Lombrozo explained that in the first stage, one of the BIP ideas will be submitted to the mailing list, the idea of the creators, developers and bitcoin technical community members can simply on the soft bifurcation discussed in there, and assigned an BIP number. Once the idea was added to the repository, everyone can see, review and evaluation of the proposal. The whole process is open, everyone can have the opportunity to participate in.

In the bitcoin network, all nodes of the operators and miners have the right to run any software or BIP they want to run. They can even refuse to run BitcoinCore, and choose to implement alternative bitcoin software. When a soft branch network deployment time, each node can choose the miners and operators are upgrading their nodes to support the proposed BIP. If they do not agree with the proposal of the concept of technology, as long as they choose not to run the update code on the line. Therefore, whether it is a Core developer or BIP creators will not force anyone to implement a new draft proposal.

Lombrozo said:

“BIP the artist’s responsibility is to ensure that the BIP repository is properly maintained, and all BIP follow the procedures and have the appropriate format. BIP does not determine whether creator soft bifurcation activation, and whether it will be merged into BitcoinCore.”

Once a soft proposal was drafted and submitted by the branch repository code and the review process will begin. BitcoinCore developers and community members can choose ACK (APPROVAL) or NACK (not approved) the BIP code. After confirmation of the BIP code, the code combination and release program will begin, then further testing and evaluation.

“The creators of BIP also have the responsibility to submit code to implement the BIP. Then, the code on the Github in a form of open to the community for review. If the BitcoinCore maintenance personnel think code has been very good review and testing, then ACK, and is not obvious and reasonable reason NACK code will be combined into the release process. After further testing, and when all the people think code can be released, the code will enter the release stage, eventually becoming the next version of BitcoinCore.”

At this stage, the distance is far soft bifurcation activation. Because of the soft bifurcation in BitcoinCore activation, will need at least 95% miners is activated.

This means that the threshold of 95%, compared to Garzik and Buterin, both the BitcoinCore developers or BIP creators can not deceive the vast majority of the network to support the proposal. If they think the BIP is very good and suitable for BitcoinCore software, the program will begin to activate. BitcoinCore software gave a clear choice whether to support the miners BIP.

However, Lombrozo stressed that the 95% activation procedure does not apply to hard bifurcation.

Different from the “hard soft bifurcation bifurcation, it is not guaranteed to meet a chain. Even with the absolute majority of work force, may also cause a number of incompatible history block chain.”

It is important to note that verification of all the people in the community to participate in BIP and approval procedures, and even participate in the code review.

Therefore, BitcoinCore developers monopoly bitcoin network software implementation process will not benefit bifurcation. BIP drafting stage verification procedure is only designed for developers to confirm its technology. Even if the soft bifurcation by Core developers verification stage, no support from the community, this can not be integrated into the soft bifurcation in BitcoinCore.

If more than 5% of the miners refused to run the soft bifurcation, then the network will not activate this proposal, it will not change what. If the soft deadline cannot be activated in the bifurcation, will be permanently disabled. If the 95% network is approved by the soft force bifurcation within the prescribed period, the remaining miners and node operators will have enough time to upgrade before the commencement of bifurcation in the soft.

Lombrozo said, from the commit phase to the implementation phase, bitcoin bitcoin community members or any of the open source community can cooperate with Core developers, will be integrated into the bitcoin network soft branch. This procedure ensures that both miners and developers have not unilaterally impose soft bifurcation.

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