From the central bank issued a digital currency Jianxingjianjin

From the central bank issued a digital currency Jianxingjianjin


The central bank has issued Chinese from digital currency Jianxingjianjin, is expected to become the first R & D digital currency and carry out the real application of the central bank.

At the end of December last year, according to the twenty-first Century economic report, the Central Bank of the digital currency has achieved initial results, the prototype system of Demo bank legal digital currency is expected to launch in the spring festival. Previously, the central bank issued a legal prototype scheme of digital currency has completed two rounds of revision.

In January 25th this year, the new financial reports, the central bank to promote digital ticket trading platform based on chain blocks have been tested successfully. In addition, after the Spring Festival on the central bank’s monetary figures will also be officially listed.

In fact, as early as 2014, the central bank has set up a special research team, and further enrich the power at the beginning of 2015, the digital currency and operational framework, the key technology of digital currency conducted in-depth research. The central bank’s monetary figures in the field of consumption will be. According to media reports, consumers to buy things in the pay, digital currency to use central bank does not have what difference with Alipay, WeChat may use. Businesses can directly from the consumer receivables, reduce the transaction cost of intermediate links.

Today, the online payment, especially mobile payment, in China shops, restaurants and other places of consumption almost everywhere. Calculate, according to data provided by iResearch by the end of 2020, China Mobile payment market volume is expected to reach $6 trillion and 300 billion, and the next few years, China Mobile payment market is expected to maintain an average annual compound growth rate of 33%.

However, in China, online payment application is extremely wide, challenge management digital and physical currency status of the central bank Chinese. Because of this, the central bank for the development of digital currency is more urgent.

In January 2016, the central bank in the digital currency seminar said that the issue of digital currency can reduce the traditional currency issue, circulation cost, convenience and improve the transparency of economic transactions, reduce tax evasion and money laundering and other illegal and criminal activities, to enhance the central bank money supply and monetary control.

According to the central bank’s “Chinese financial” magazine, the central bank digital currency Institute preparatory group leader Yao Qian pointed out that in September last year, Chinese legal digital currency framework is: according to the current RMB management principle, the central bank digital currency issuance and withdrawal based on the central bank, Commercial Bank of two yuan to complete the system.

The central bank in the digital currency system, digital currency bank and user end digital library, the central bank’s monetary issuance of commercial banks (such as mobile phone) digital wallet, the relationship between the three is as follows:

According to the digital currency amount, the central bank currency (i.e. the generation of digital production digital Monetary Fund), stored in the central bank in the library;

According to the commercial bank for digital currency demand, digital currency sent to commercial banks for digital currency database, digital currency issue from the library to the bank;

The user for the extraction of digital money, money from the bank to the digital library circulation, storage medium into the user in the client (such as mobile phone, from the bank) to the user’s digital wallet.

Digital currency in circulation, in essence is transferred in two users each digital wallet to complete the payment, the payment into the online transaction and offline transactions.

Also in September last year, central bank vice governor Fan Yifei in the “financial” China wrote, by the central bank to promote legal digital currency is inevitable. The central bank digital currency to the national credit guarantee, the maximum range can achieve online and offline synchronization application, improve transaction convenience and maximum security.

Now, on digital currency can be more than Chinese a central bank, the Bank of Canada, Germany’s central bank, the monetary authority of Singapore and Sweden’s central bank in the digital currency.

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