From the financial industry to the retail industry, companies are looking for block chain experts

nnnRaiders comment: According to a number of e-learning platform and institutions that the current chain of chain technology interest in the unprecedented high, the industry’s professional lighting have flocked to the e-learning portal, looking for tutorials to learn the technology, for its resume icing on the cake. The number of chain-related courses in the number of enrollment surge, of which India is the most, the number of its enrollment growth rate higher than the global average. While India has the largest block chain talent team, a major leader in other countries. But the Indian government has yet to show its position on the regulation of Bitcoin, so several companies are in a “wait and see” state.n
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nChennai: Although the block chain is still in the process of entering the industry, professionals are eager to e-learning portal, looking for tutorials, which through this skill for its resume icing on the cake. The demand for this technology is huge, because it is this technology to support the encrypted currency, to the currency, medical records and contracts and other things to be encrypted. Although Bitcoin is still skeptical, companies see the great opportunities in their underlying technology – the block chain is used for bank transactions, creating digital identities, and building smart contracts.n
nCompared with last year, the e-learning market Udemy this year’s block chain course enrollment (although only a small part) has surged 978%. Which India’s enrollment growth rate of 80%, higher than the global average. The number of applicants for the Bitcoin book in India also doubled year on year, indicating that Asian students are interested in this technology.n
nLondon’s B9lab is also an institution that provides education, consulting and research on block chains, and has witnessed an interest in this technology over the past 3-4 months. B9lab founder Elias Haase said:n
nn”We launched our online learning platform in May 2016, and we have already registered the platform for early Indian developers, like Tata and Infosys are our major customers.”n
nnThis scrambling to want to understand the latest situation of the block chain boom is no reason. LinkedIn data collected show that the global demand for block chain technology is growing rapidly, with jobs up 30% year on year. India has the largest block chain talent team, a large number of other countries ahead of 40%, followed by Australia, China, Singapore and Japan. The five-nation block-tier talent team accounts for 80% of the entire Asia-Pacific region. American universities have rapidly added block-chain courses over the past two to three years, but there are no technology-related content in the course. Rohas Nagpal, co-founder of Primechain Technologies, said that if people have a strong interest in technology, it should not stop them from mastering this skill. Nagpal is a qualified lawyer who has cultivated interest in virtual currency and block chain technology when investigating cases of organized crime using Bitcoin. Since 2011, he has been working extensively on the chain chain. Primechain last year launched a free online course called Block Chain Basic Training Camp (b3). Primechain Technologies co-founder Shinam Arora said:n
nn”We have had to limit this course to the members of the BankChain member, and BankChain is the block chain technology alliance of Indian banks,” he said.n
nnRecently, Primechain and Kerala Block Chain College (KBA) signed a memorandum of understanding. Adarsh ​​Sunil, a member of the KBA team, said:n
nn”We see that students are passionate about learning the chain, and we will introduce the relevant courses according to industry requirements.”n
nnNagpal added that building a block-chain solution requires not only highly specialized network knowledge but also conventional front-end programming capabilities. He said:n
nn”It is important to choose the method of providing the solution and actually teach you how to design and build a complete block chain solution.”n
nnThe Indian government has yet to show its stance on the supervision of Bitcoin, so several companies are in a “wait and see” state. Adnessa Narayan Mishra, chief executive officer of Ciel HR Services, said:n
nn”We realize that financial services companies are hiring experts, especially the global service centers of these financial services companies.” In the past, the experience of new technology, but also through 4-6 quarter, digital currency will get more Use, and recruitment will increase. “n
nnHuman resources experts said that the current demand for the block chain of talent from a specific industry. Kelly Services India Managing Director Thammaiah BN said:n
nn”Any block of chain technology can be deployed in any industry that handles public information and needs to ensure data transparency.Currently, most of its needs come from financial technology start-ups and a handful of IT products and services companies like Ethernet, Stellar, Books and job seekers need to understand cryptography and distributed databases. “n

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