From the trend of bitcoin in the past three months, why is it more like Maotai

BTC Market Analysis on the first day of this year’s new year’s day, we made some profit and said that it is simple and clear. In the chart below, around 8000-10000 is the longest consolidation time, and it is also the stage with the strongest consensus that BTC is the most valuable stage. It took a long time from 10000-12000 to make a weekly center, so the breakthrough of 12000 went straight to 18000; 18000-20000 became the daily center, the time was shorter than the weekly center, so it broke through 20000 and went on to 24000; it made a 4H cycle center at 22000-24000, which was shorter than the daily line center; after the breakthrough of the 4H center of 24000, it went straight to 28000-30000, at 26800-280 The position of 00 is only a 1 h cycle center, and then it goes to 29000-30000. What is the logic of the above paragraph? Interested friends can read it over and over again. Because my screenshot is the trading volume of the fire currency exchange, which is distorted. The smaller the adjustment center of upward consolidation is, the weaker the upward trend is; the smaller the trading volume that can be bought, and the corresponding larger consolidation or corresponding decline, readjust the balance of trading volume in the market. Rising consolidation, then rising, is the leading stock with the strongest financial consensus such as Maotai, and we think BTC is more like Maotai. Rise and fall, return to balance and then rise. We think it is the common stock. Obviously BTC is not such a common stock in our cognition, otherwise we will not be dead long. This is a big new year’s gift for you. It’s about the mathematical logic of the trading relationship. Eth market analysis from 330-480 around the first weekly center after a substantial consolidation of the rise, is a stable trend, the longer the finishing time, the larger the range, the stronger the consensus formed. The initial rise trend is slow, but very stable. The center of 480-600 is a flag rising center as well as a weekly center. However, the interval and time of this weekly center are smaller than that of the last trend, so the space of the trend is also smaller than the trend after the adjustment of the previous center. At present, after the breakthrough of 690, the trend is becoming weaker. From the perspective of profit and loss ratio, ETH is more optimistic. But the premise is that BTC does not go down, but consolidation or slow rise. At that time, ETH will become the new leader, and its performance will be stronger than that of BTC. XRP / LTC / EOS / BCH market analysis gray scale refutes the rumors of XRP, XRP did not usher in a big rise, on the one hand, because the lawsuit has not been finalized, on the other hand, because the festival market sentiment is difficult to grasp. The main force dare not enter the market easily, and the hot money dare not act disorderly at the end of the year, so we need to continue to wait and see. Once the wind blows and the grass moves, you can have a small chance to have a look. At present, the account of small mainstream currency depends on LTC and BCH. LTC is on the rise, while BCH mainly depends on the arrangement of weekly centers. Dot / KSM market analysis dot / KSM Boca market closed at the end of the year, amazing the whole market. Dot daily line rose, two 1-4h cycle central finishing, there is no sign of weakening, still need to continue to hold positions to watch the performance. The core reason why KSM did not follow is that the main control of fund raising is too much, and the scattered fund is too few. In addition, the current dot voice and market sentiment are too strong, and there is an excess alpha performance. But it also shows that Boca’s main force may not fully agree with the price of dot, we do not make judgment, follow the trend of the position. Finally, I wish everyone 2021, cattle turn money Kun, all the way rich!

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