Fry futures, when the net is red, buy bitcoin…… The six things most profitable in 2016

Fry futures, when the net is red, buy bitcoin…… The six things most profitable in 2016

In 2016 we are relying on what fortune? We take a look at the wealth of opportunities list, you must open your eyes to see Oh, 2017 can get rich is pointing to it.


Coal black

In 2016, under the supply side reform process, goods and capital stock market surge. The coal, steel and other ferrous metals prices Zhubo high, even in November turned into a Bikong bull feast. Compared with the 2015 November lows, the largest increase in 2016, iron ore, steel, coal reached 133.10%, 119.84% and 144.83%, and the largest increase in coking coal, coke is reached 245.92% and 279.42%. The short time, the largest increase in the past, commodity futures market is rare. But leverage trading mechanism, the futures at ten times of investment income, despite the end of commodity fever receded, but it is still the most exciting opportunity for wealth.



The end of the A stock market also sit on the slide, but in 2016 A shares also constantly flashed exciting investment opportunities. Our stock market has undergone the fuse cry moment, the Shanghai index bottomed out, although the pace of upward hesitation and heavy, but in November 29th when the highest touch 3301 points when the mean distance of 2638 points at the beginning of the bottom is up 25%, more than 20% of the bull market or confirm the line. The traditional industry angry, venture capital placards Zhengyan, return to the blue chip outlet, (K: Qi Xiang Tengda, Langfang development, Kweichow Moutai, China building) and revitalize the stock market. This past year, the number of A stock market listed companies exceeded 3000, 2017, A stock market there is much potential to create rich, we will wait and see.


foreign exchange

Britain from Europe, the United States presidential election, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, currency volatility, 2016 global capital market turmoil. However, when the black swan flying, a feather shake, shake the body into a white swan, also often makes the market a fright. (image: the three major U.S. stock index hit a new high.) The current China investors involved in the transaction for the global market has become a trend, inviting them not only in Hong Kong, there are more important in the foreign exchange market. In 2016 foreign exchange trading opportunities are frequent, in domestic regulators of P2P chaos heavy shot in the background, spot, private equity funds, P2P institutions have the transition to the foreign exchange industry gold, data show that nearly two years of domestic foreign exchange transactions with an average annual growth rate of more than 70%, the number of foreign exchange brokers, investors, employees and market size that is a blowout situation, a strong rise.


Internet celebrity

Since the media age, red net raging like a storm. 2016, from entertainment to the stock market darling, Oprah, to sports stars, red net wave spread. The electricity supplier, broadcast a reward, advertising, gaming, film and television entertainment, IP endorsement of the brand… The realization of network red ability can be described as “The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong”. Regardless of income, live record number, sales, or capital in droves, hundreds of billion yuan valuation, let people on the network red energy can not be underestimated. The current network to red as the center, a whole industry chain has emerged. There are statistics, in 2016 the scale of China red net industry will reach 52 billion 800 million yuan. The industry forecast in 2018 will be more than 100 billion yuan, and perhaps this is just a beginning, it is asserted that in personalized, experience consumption upgrade, change trend, the cluster network popularity to entrepreneurship and innovation in the era of economic fans, public entrepreneurship, innovation, has built up a huge new economy power.

But around the red net business model, and the loyalty of the fans, will not fatigued, red net can get rid of the upstart image, red net how far these problems is not a small challenge and risk to the red net.


New energy vehicles

“I don’t want to make a car mobile phone factory, not a good air conditioning plant.” In 2016 Dong Mingzhu’s dream car will be striking one snag after another, cross-border cars once again pushed tuyere. With her, there are a large number of equity investment institutions, the three quarter of this year, new energy vehicles has become one of the fastest growing areas of equity investment. The capital is behind the hard data, in November this year, the new energy automobile production and sales both exceeded 400 thousand, an increase of 60%. The output will occupy half of the country’s global industry, who can doubt, stampede in capital, the future of new energy vehicles will not become “a name card China”?



In 2016 the price of bitcoin “Yiqijuechen”, become the world’s best performing assets. In September 2015, the commodity futures trading commission will be officially designated as a bitcoin commodity futures, the underlying technology of block chain of many financial institutions recognized by the world. Bitcoin this once crazy bubble and digital currency, 2016 once again become investors chasing hedge investment goods. In December 29th, the highest price of bitcoin reached $997 a, while domestic bitcoin prices are approaching 7000 yuan a year, than the lowest price rose nearly 180%.

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