FTX sponsored the LCS division of League of heroes, and bitcoin futures funds were regarded as inferior products

Funds that rely on bitcoin futures could allow more people to participate, but it’s very difficult to implement, said Matthew Sigel, director of digital asset research at Van Eck, an asset management company. We think that funds based on bitcoin futures are inferior to bitcoin prices. They are more complex in management and cost higher than ETFs. They are unqualified investment vehicles. It’s just a different stepping stone, said James seyffart, an analyst at pemberlain ETF. Futures are regulated, which can provide additional investor protection for the bitcoin market, but the essence is not much different, because if bitcoin can be manipulated, bitcoin futures will also be affected accordingly. But the level of demand for futures products is low, and they will not be as large or as fast as the real bitcoin ETFs. However, it is still in its infancy, and there is nothing wrong with a step at a time. The following data is a bit bizarre. According to a recent study on cryptovantage.com on the storage and password of encrypted assets, a survey of 1021 digital currency owners shows that the average investment of respondents is $7245, 39.7% of them forget their password, and the average loss of users who can’t recover their password is 2134. 32.6% of the respondents were the victims of encryption fraud, and the average personal loss of the cheated individuals was about 538 US dollars. However, the conclusion shows that investors will still choose to continue other encryption investments even if they are cheated or their passwords are lost. Well, if I were, I would have walked out of the circle Finally, it’s still a favorite part of the blind play. Just have a look. Dan Morehead, founder of Pantera capital and known as the master of crypto investment, said at the Reuters Global Market Forum on Monday that the upcoming London upgrade will help Ethereum catch up with bitcoin and make Ethereum more like a fixed asset“ We’re going to see people change, and they’re going to store their wealth with eth, not just bitcoin. ” In addition, Dan Morehead said that the upgrading of Ethereum to 2.0 will significantly reduce mining energy consumption. The widespread adoption of Ethereum defi will also make it larger than bitcoin. Although Dan Morehead believes that the future of Ethereum is brighter than that of bitcoin, he is also optimistic about the future development of bitcoin. It believes that by the end of 2021, the price of BTC will reach US $80000-90000 and reach US $120000 one year later. To be honest, it’s still very difficult to double at the end of the year. Disk from the 1 hour K line chart, is still in the decline channel, yesterday fell below 38300 support level, this morning also tried to counter attack, unfortunately failed. But if you look at it carefully, you can still stand on the upper rail of the descent channel. Combined with the coil, it feels that there can be a rebound at seven or eight points. You can pay proper attention to it. At present, the distance from 38300 is not far, so there is still a little chance. The above are personal opinions and do not constitute investment suggestions. Investment is risky, so we should be cautious when entering the market. Like friends can point a praise and attention, every day will update the currency circle new trends.

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