Gavin Andresen: Ethernet square will not replace bitcoin

Gavin Andresen: Ethernet square will not replace bitcoin

Recently, former core chief bitcoin version of the software developer Gavin Andresen (GavinAndresen) issued a tweet about Ethernet square, attracted a lot of people’s suspicion, more media reported that he no longer see bitcoin. The day before, Gavin himself has been clarified.

In September 25th, Gavin said on his personal twitter:

Now, the number of nodes over Ethernet Fang bitcoin. Prediction: even if the etheric Fang block chain volume of more than bitcoin, this advantage will continue.


Is this sentence, many people will understand “Gavin predicted the etheric will replace bitcoin square, become the world’s most outstanding encryption currency”. But they are not.

Show a large block of etheric Fang chain, can also keep to the center

Gavin to further clarified his comments, he said the etheric Fang is an example that a more flexible protocol can still keep to the center.

Bitcoin block size increases, the main argument is that it will increase the risk of network centric. Small block supporters believe that the big block requires more bandwidth and storage space, which will cause the node to opt out of smaller operators.

Gavin believes that this concept is wrong, the operator running nodes there are other reasons why the. He had claimed that bitcoin will not increase because the block size, affected.

As for the etheric Fang, he said, it is showed that the larger block chain can also keep to the center. After seeing the Ethernet network workshop has about 6000 of all nodes, he felt very surprised, in contrast, bitcoin is only 5000.

At present, bitcoin blockchain is about the size of 84.9GB, Ethernet square block chain is relatively small, but its growth rate is faster (bitcoin than Ethernet square early in the 5 years time). Some Ethernet client software is also trying to square “building blocks” chain, so as to reduce the volume of.

The etheric Fang will not replace bitcoin

“If I am right, the number and the size of the block chain node is irrelevant (but it will reflect the degree of attention to the chain), so, probably next year, even if the block chain volume will exceed the etheric Fang bitcoin blockchain volume, in the heart of the etheric Fang will be smaller (by the number of nodes on the network to measure)” Gavin said.

However, this comparison does not reduce the strength and position of bitcoin currently, as the world’s most popular encryption currency.

“This does not mean that bitcoin will die, or Ethernet will replace the bitcoin currency to become the number one encryption currency,” said Gavin, “the 5000 node is enough, even if the Ethernet node reaches 100000 square, there is not much significance. People don’t know, don’t care how many nodes to verify their transactions in the relay or.”

Gavin also said that even if the bitcoin network only 1000 basis points in 50 countries, it is still enough to the center of the.

Compared with other Internet protocols

He said, the Internet is more lower layer stack technology center, and more fragile. Worried about the risk of people, should look up the Internet domain name system and machine boundary backbone network management protocol. These risks are small.

In May, Gavin pointed out that the other widely used Internet protocol, and has no hard encoding size restrictions such as bitcoin. Although the border gateway protocol has some traffic restrictions, but compared to the bitcoin limit, is pale into insignificance by comparison.

What to do next

Although Gavin is no longer actively write code for BitcoinCore, but he was in a crypto currency world, it still has great influence. He has said publicly that the block size restrictions against 1MB, he believes that the current block has been far more than people realize congestion.

A few months ago, the other Core developers to remove Gavin (and a JeffGarzik) of the bitcoincore library management authority, the reason given is opaque and controversial, the reason is afraid of Gavin in a meeting with Craig Wright (CraigWright), his account was “black”.

Gavin has not received formal notification to cancel his access and real reasons. The Core team has some great programmers, but the team needs a lot of thinking, and communication and community, he said.

Now, Gavin is considering how and whether in the bitcoin world and encryption currency play a positive role.

“A lot of smart people are doing a lot of interesting things, this is great. Can I have a lot of time to take a step back, what is the role I want and decide.”

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