Gavin Andresen speculated that the future will go beyond the etheric Fang, bitcoin

Gavin Andresen speculated that the future will go beyond the etheric Fang, bitcoin


GavinAndresen predicts the bright future of the etheric Fang protocol in his recent tweets.

The etheric Fang how? Will it be “bitcoin terminator” as early as some people predicted, or just to fail?

Recently, bitcoin community celebrities GavinAndresen that the ether workshop will develop better than bitcoin. He disclosed his views on recent twitter:

“Now the Ethernet node to Bibite square multi currency. My prediction: Ethernet Fang block chain scale will also go beyond bitcoin.”

It is not clear how he released the twitter is because many attempts to improve the bitcoin protocol failed and impulsive, and etheric Fang prospects do bitcoin better. But for most of the bitcoin community improvement bitcoin protocol is difficult, especially the core developers and the community pool stalled for more than a year time in processing on the issue of expansion.

Gavin’s Twitter may point out some bitcoin protocol should now but it does not change. However, things are not described in the Gavin. So optimistic, because of the development of Ethernet square platform too fast, the platform is also facing some problems.

The etheric Fang developed too fast, and continue to introduce new features. But it is the price at the expense of the rapid development of safety and reliability. The platform has experienced a series of attacks, destroying its security. The hacker attacks on DAO bifurcation of the etheric force hard fang. Last week, two consecutive DOS (denial of service) attack also shows to get Gavin words into reality also need to do a lot of work in the etheric fang.

At the same time, there are also some people think that with the development of time, sooner or later will face the etheric Fang now bitcoin challenges — in normal hardware cannot run all nodes. Processing capacity of Ethernet also is expected to improve the mining workshop, in order to meet the growing demand of system.

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