George Osborne: digital currency can play a huge role in Finance

George Osborne: digital currency can play a huge role in Finance

The British finance minister GeorgeOsborne has published a new speech on digital currency.

Earlier this morning, Osborne delivered a speech at the Bank of England’s public forum, he again stressed that the hope of London to become the world leader in FinTech and digital currency.

According to Bloomberg, Osborne spoke of “Shelved” alternative currency potential, he said:

“Digital currency may now play a great role in the future of finance.”

In his opening speech, the minister also talked about the topic of innovation, and points out that the UK is committed to ensuring that the supervision will not be too heavy.

This is not the first time the chancellor talked about digital currency in public.

Last August, Osborne announced a new plan, set out to assess crypto currency may play in the role of the British economy, the appointment of the British Treasury development program with a crypto currency related, to weigh the benefits and risks of this technology.

Last year, the minister also made headlines because he Level39 from the FinTech accelerator (Europe’s largest financial technology company incubator) ATM London office took out 20 pounds worth of bitcoin, Level39 or Swiss investment bank UBS research laboratory group block chain location.

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