German police seized $68 million worth of bitcoin

#Bitcoin mining German police seized $68 million worth of bitcoin, but the owner was reluctant to give the password. About 20% of the total amount of bitcoin was stuck in the wallet because people forgot their password. According to reports, German police have intercepted about 1700 bitcoins, but the original owners are not willing to hand over the passwords. “I’m afraid he doesn’t know the password at all,” a German prosecutor told Reuters According to the price on January 10, the price of this batch of baby is about 6.79 million US dollars. German prosecutors had about 1700 bitcoin confiscated from a bitcoin miner, but the man refused to give a password to unlock the cryptocurrency, the report said. Sebastian murer, one of the prosecutors, told Reuters: “I’m afraid he doesn’t know.” The bitcoin miner, who lives in Kempten, Bavaria, was not named in the report. Reuters reported that the man was sentenced to about two years in prison for installing bitcoin mining software on someone else’s computer and accumulating a batch of bitcoin by remote control. According to the report, he kept the excavated bitcoin in a password protected digital wallet, which is usually the case. You can’t open a digital wallet without a password. Last month, another man in Germany failed to use a bitcoin worth about $220 million because he forgot his password. In January, a man in Welsh, Newport, said he had thrown away 7500 bitcoins, worth about $275 million, because of operational errors. According to the New York Times, there are about $140 billion worth of bitcoin, equivalent to about 20% of all bitcoins, because people forget their passwords and are stuck in their wallets. In recent months, the cryptocurrency has been blowing bigger and bigger like a balloon. The owners locked in the code have watched their value rise again and again. Bitcoin broke through $40000 for the first time last month, hitting $41000 before the correction. From then on, it continued to climb.

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