German Room77 bar supports bitcoin transactions using lightning network

German Room77 bar supports bitcoin transactions using lightning network

Recently, the German Berlin bar of a successful use of bitcoin lightning network for a real deal. The bar is called Room77. No matter whether the network isolation using lightning witness can eventually get bitcoin expansion battle victory, in the development of this transaction is to be loaded in bitcoin.

Berlin is a famous city of bitcoin, because the German government had acknowledged the bitcoin legalization, so the use of bitcoin here is more common. Room77 is located in the Kreuzberg District of Berlin in Germany, it is a bar restaurant to accept bitcoin payments. Here, the popular bitcoin digital currency users welcome party held year-round, people directly trading with other digital currency bitcoin.

The boss of Room77 JoergPlatzer published in Reddit on Saturday:

“Today we deployed the node test a lightning network, and receives from several customers bitcoin by lightning network, clients can use testnet wallet transactions. The aim is to understand the future (expansion debate) development situation, the future looks bright and clear (lightning network)!”

4 1 Platzer said on the evening of “lightning network” is in operation, the night he declared, “if the user is using the lightning network will send the information to the network node lightning bar, then the bar will accept him using the testnet wallet to pay cost of beer tonight.”

Platzer also explained that the transactions with lightning network, the transmission of information in milliseconds, much quicker than usual. The user does not need to use as Coinbase like to wait for a few minutes. He said, every merchant on earth want this stuff, “bitcoin transactions are now available on the efficiency, speed, better irreversible and privacy, no matter how many people can use it”.

Platzer believes that the use of lightning network, bitcoin companies don’t have to worry about the current common network attacks, rising bitcoin transaction fees will no longer have their relationship. In addition, protecting the privacy of users and businesses can improve lightning network, lightning after all network participants can see the transaction information in their payment channels.

This is a historic deal of beer buyers is lightning network developer Olaolu “Roasbeef” Osuntokun.

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