Germany’s largest financial news platform bitcoin as the main currency

Germany’s largest financial news platform bitcoin as the main currency, Germany’s largest and most popular financial news network platform, bitcoin and other major reserve currencies listed together in the company “the most important exchange rate” plate, such as the dollar, yen, RMB etc..

This list contains as a basis for the global economy in 7 major reserve currencies. Bitcoin appear in this list means that, the key role of the German financial and media industries, think bitcoin is one of the most important currency in the world.

In the widely used currency converter and pricing platform, provides local support for bitcoin, bitcoin shows last year price charts, and the digital currency and reserve currency listed in the company all together.

In the past few months, has been in the audience and readers reported bitcoin related news in germany. Earlier this year, published an article entitled “digital currency bitcoin’s performance in 2016 was better than that of each currency” article, attracted a lot of interest and love.

Earlier this month, also released a “HSHNordbank: the results of cooperation on bitcoin, cooperation and worth billions of banks on the bitcoin infrastructure, digital currency users, different regions of the trading activities, as well as the most important bitcoin potential deeply described.

In addition to the mainstream media in Germany, Europe and other mainstream media, including the largest Swiss News Network NeueZ rcherZeitung also provides about bitcoin accurate reports and reports, to have no contact with bitcoin people introduced this digital currency.

The mainstream media including and NeueZ rcherZeitung, widely reported on to the center of the digital currency bitcoin and accurate description, and as a store of value money legally significantly increased the mainstream application of bitcoin, allowing millions of users to accept digital currency, rather than the traditional banking and financial alternative financial system.

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