Goldcorp supports the Vancouver block chain company started bitcoin mining mining industry is the first to offer stock options

Goldcorp supports the Vancouver block chain company started bitcoin mining mining industry is the first to offer stock options


Canadian mining expert Frank Jutra? (FrankGiustra) began to dig bitcoin and other encryption currency, rather than gold. He supports a HiveTechnologiesInc. block of Vancouver chain company recently, is responsible for the supervision of these mining operations, and provide the mining stock option for the first time.

Canadian mining experts support Vancouver block chain company bitcoin mining shares soared Hive

In the Giustra after the company’s support and its foray into digging bitcoin mining, the company’s stock price soared. According to Bloomberg, mining shares have risen 633%. The company currently has a market value of $443 million. Hive CEO HarryPokrandt said his company in this field is unique:

“We are very lucky is the first to provide mining stock options in the company, which is unique in that we are entering the industry.”

Giustra helped Hive become the focus by his former business. He is GoldcorpInc. and Lions Gate Entertainment (LionsGateEntertainmentcorp.) founder. The article introduces Giustra bloomberg:

He left him? Clinton (BillClinton) and Jorge? ‘(GeorgeSoros) as his partner. These relationships may let him catch a new financial corner, navigation and uncertain in bitcoin regulatory waters.

Hive supports GenesisMiningLTD, Hive can stimulate more mainstream investment

After the Gisutra Hive support bitcoin mining, they acquired Hongkong based GenesisMiningLTD. for $9 million. According to Bloomberg, they gave them a 30% stake in the acquisition of a new data center in Iceland.

This article wrote: “there, Hive plans to tap the different encryption currency, it depends on what encryption currency can provide the best profit, and the establishment of a coin inventory according to the expected price.” Hive said it plans to price $5 million acquisition in the next second Genesis data center, and can choose to buy more storage in Ireland and Sweden, these countries can reduce the power and cooling costs.

The adventure of Giustra and HiveTechnologies bitcoin mining field, may attract other mainstream investors to accept the encryption currency. For the traditional financial investors, there are many methods of stock option can attract their customers to buy coins and other digital currency. However, however, other more enterprising investors may find some new ways to new technology from the smart money. There will be countless ways to use bitcoin.

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