Golden trend bitcoin seizes the opportunity of low price trend

The general direction is still above the long-term upward trend line, and the support position moved up to 19450 US dollars today, not breaking the medium and long-term line to continue to hold patiently. The short-term 4-hour upward triangle, the current support point of the lower line is 22800 U.S. dollars. If it does not break, it is expected to maintain the current shock upward posture. If it falls below the low point of 21900, the support will be tested again. The upper trend pressure is 24100 dollars. The large-scale breakthrough market will continue to go up, and the next pressure area is $25000. On December 25, the largest option in the history will expire, and the big fluctuation is coming. The last option expiration date on November 27 witnessed a significant adjustment of bitcoin 19000-16000. This time, we also need to pay attention to this time. However, the general direction is still upward trend, and the lower trend is supported at $19450. Once it falls sharply, it is suggested to take low price in batches boldly, and continue to innovate upward after subsequent market adjustment High will be a big probability. Source: Golden Finance and Economics/

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