Goldman Sachs expects bitcoin may rise 50%

Goldman Sachs expects bitcoin may rise 50%

Goldman Sachs bullish on bitcoin, the chief analyst at ShebaJafari is expected to chart bitcoin may eventually rose to $3915.

This price is this Monday bitcoin price of $2576 higher than the 52%.

Jafari wrote in outlook this week a chart report: “the current bitcoin is began in late 2010 and early 2011 lows in the fourth wave, which will eventually rise further, ushered in the fifth wave.”

Jafari said: “from the current level, if the equivalent of the first wave length, the minimum target of bitcoin is $3212, it may extend to 3915 dollars, which is 1.68 times the length of the first wave. To reach the level that it is only a matter of time.”

Bitcoin nearly three months

CoinDesk data show that since June 11th this year, bitcoin prices reached a record high of $3025.47 after trading price range has been $2100 to $3000.

Bitcoin future uncertainty of the recent price suppression. If the developers of the plan in the next few weeks to release the bitcoin network update each other compatible mode can not agree, it is likely to lead to the bifurcation of bitcoin.

However, Jafari said, to be sure, “wave fourth is often messy, complicated, bitcoin is likely to continue trading in a range, but fell to nearly $1857.

Jafari6 month 12 days in a statement (“public demand” written in) said she was worried about the recent high of 3134.” She said that traders should “consider re set the call risk in the $2330 to less than 1915 dollars.”

Bitcoin prices above $3000 for the first time in June 11th, more than $800 to a low of $2185.96 a week after the fall. However, bitcoin prices from the end of the month back to $2499.98, in June rose 7.2%, up 158% this year.

Goldman’s report shows that the field of digital currency fluctuation, despite the lack of supervision, the mainstream Wall Street company has bitcoin increasingly close attention. This week, bitcoin and bottom block chain technology on the prestigious investment magazine “Barron’s” cover.

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