Goldman then trance prediction: bitcoin could rise to $4800?

Goldman then trance prediction: bitcoin could rise to $4800?

The world’s top investment bank Goldman Sachs (GoldmanSachs) an analyst said yesterday, bitcoin prices may also rise to a record high of $4800.

According to reports, business reference (BusinessInsider) in a report to clients issued Sunday, chief technology officer ShebaJafari suggests, given bitcoin price has been close to her at the end of the forecast of $3600, the price may be far more than $4000.

The same day, bitcoin prices topped $4000 mark, a record high of milepost type.

Subsequently, Jafari predicts that bitcoin prices may rise to $4827. But she also said that the bitcoin market may usher in a fixed price or will be landing, to $3000.

Jafari comments, bitcoin prices broke through the $4300 level. Before the deadline, bitcoin prices exceeded 4400 US dollars, an increase of 10% over the past 24 hours.

In addition to forecast, Goldman has been on its customer base, from Goldman’s point of view, money is flowing into the market.

Last week, a group of Goldman analysts noted:

“No matter whether you believe investment (cryptocurrencies know who you are) the advantage, in reality the dollar really in inflows, concern here.”

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