Gold’s target price still looks at $4000? Will stock market, bitcoin and inflation rise in 2021? Experts’ latest forecast

Fx168 financial news (Hong Kong) – Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. global investors, said 2021 would not be another year of market collapse. In fact, he expects the economy to rebound sharply, after which gold, stocks and bitcoin will rise. His goal of keeping gold at $4000 remains unchanged. He pointed out that the overall stimulus plan, including monetary and fiscal stimulus, has reached $10 trillion. “It ignited the PMI,” Holmes said. The PMI is a good leading indicator. When the PMI of China and the United States changed, it accounted for 40% of Global trade. Copper, iron and all metals began to soar. I think we will continue to see the last two trillion dollars of Congress and President trump, which will be huge for consumers to spend. ” Holmes pointed out that GDP growth in the first quarter of the United States is expected to be around 5%, higher than market consensus expectations. The Biden administration is likely to raise corporate taxes, which will hinder economic growth. Holmes points out several important trends and themes that investors need to focus on in 2021. “I think EST (environmental, social and corporate governance) investment will become more important. I think the price of gold will go up because the momentum of money printing will not disappear. I think CPI will go up. I think we’re going to see inflation rise, “he said. Holmes said the stock market is likely to continue to rise as the impact of the adverse economic consequences has already occurred. “Bankruptcy has happened and many companies have been bailed out,” he said. Small businesses across the United States are getting funding. The economy is developing rapidly. ”

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