Gray bitcoin trust to purchase nearly 10000 bitcoins in three days

Grayscale has accumulated nearly 10000 bitcoins for its bitcoin trust (GBTC) in the past three days, of which 50% of transactions were completed in the past 24 hours, and GBTC has invested nearly $190 million in bitcoin. In the past three days since January 14, the total assets under management (AUM) of gray GBTC has jumped by $3 billion to $22.9 billion. As the number of bitcoin purchased by gray scale is nearly six times that of newly excavated BTCs, there may be a shortage of bitcoin supply again. Gray scale GBTC will grow at an alarming rate of 900% in 2020. Michael sonnenshein, its new chief executive, recently said the company had seen a lot of interest from pension and endowment funds. Source: coingap creditors can ask Mentougou to pay up to 90% of their BTC to their creditors. According to coindesk, creditors will be able to ask Mentougou to pay up to 90% of the remaining BTC to creditors, according to coindesk. In addition, coinlab said investors don’t have to accept the money in advance and can wait for a settlement against Mentougou. If BTC obtained by a large number of claims flows into the market, it may cause currency price fluctuation. Source: coindesk

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