Guard your purse! Bitcoin breaks the $30000 mark and the devil’s tentacles are reaching out to you

People who haven’t heard of bitcoin should be extremely conservative and work hard. But this also makes these people stick to their duty, resist temptation, and gain what they deserve by sweat and pay, without envy or impulse. As a matter of fact, there are many people involved in bitcoin, and they all have a common feature, that is, they are trying to find a way out. Bitcoin began to have value when a programmer exchanged 10000 bitcoins for a $25 pizza. Since then, bitcoin began to grow rapidly. Due to its unique scarcity and hot speculation in the international market, until the beginning of the new year in 2021, the single value of bitcoin, that is, the market value of a bitcoin exceeded 30000 US dollars, reaching 31000 US dollars. In other words, a bitcoin is now worth about 210000 yuan. Under the huge interests and temptation, many people have lost the risk brought by the policy. You know, bitcoin and other similar virtual digital currencies are not recognized in China. It is obvious that some people will use virtual money to launder money, transfer assets, speculate and even do some illegal things. So it’s right not to recognize bitcoin. However, at present, some virtual digital currency platforms and apps like bitcoin emerge in endlessly and dazzled. Ordinary people are hard to distinguish the true from the false, and are easy to fall into the trap and expose their privacy and personal information. It is said that there are so-called PI coins, bee coins, M2 coins and so on. These claimed virtual currencies are hyping up the high value of the future, luring people to register, and then simply click mining every day. There are even some virtual currency groups, internal transactions, and so on. We must keep our eyes open and don’t believe that a second bitcoin platform will emerge. In our country, such things will not be allowed to flood. Many platforms are similar to pyramid schemes. At the beginning, they give you a taste of sweetness, and in the end, they are nothing but investment. They are good leek cutters, waiting for you to take the bait.

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