Guiyang blockchain white paper pointed out that the digital economy as a new engine of economic growth

Guiyang blockchain white paper pointed out that the digital economy as a new engine of economic growth

The “white paper” from the digital economy, the Internet Governance and the development of big data from three angles of the blockchain economic significance and social significance are elaborated, “white paper” that block chain as the supporting technology of the digital economy will help build a trusted security and open sharing of digital economy, digital economy is becoming a new engine of economy growth.

First, the digital economy brings new vitality to the world economy

The “white paper” first introduced the concept and properties of the digital economy. The “white paper” pointed out that the digital economy refers to the use of digital information and knowledge as the key factors of production, to the modern information network as an important carrier and effective use of information and communication technology as a series of important driving force to enhance the efficiency and optimize the economic structure of the economic activity. The digital economy has three attributes: open innovation is its natural attribute, inclusive sharing is the inclusive attribute is the basic attribute of security control. At present, the world economy is in the period of old and new energy conversion, the development of the digital economy is becoming a new engine of global economic growth.

Two, block chain: supporting technology of digital currency and digital assets

With the change of the real economy to digital economy, the paper currency will gradually be replaced all kinds of digital currency, assets will be realized, the future network will likely carry all the financial activities in the economic society, so we need to allow a reliable value of information transmitted in the network bottom support technology. The “white paper” that can shoulder the responsibility of the chain block.

Block chain is the Strategic Supporting Technology of digital currency. Block chain as the support technology has been successfully applied to the first digital tokens as the representative of bitcoin. To block chain system encryption digital currency structure of the core technology, to solve the problem of the Internet on the value of mutual recognition, repeated payment, and the formation of tokens of value on the Internet, gradually support a digital value of a circulating medium contains tokens for payment, settlement, exchange and transfer of assets, financial and other functions of the industry system. The future will further promote the establishment of legal digital currency.

Block chain is a strategic support technology of digital assets. Because of the block chain technology can make the trading financial assets more trust, high efficiency and low cost, has been applied in the field of digital financial assets. With mankind entered the digital era, block chain technology to build a shared assets can be distributed to books in a multi node, multi agency, between different regions, in the books of records in the assets can be financial or non financial, real or virtual assets, any change in the books will reflect in all participants. The development and application of the blockchain will further promote all kinds of digital and digital asset securitization, has become an important technical support for the efficient flow of digital assets.

Three, block chain: the establishment of the digital economy and open sharing of trusted security

Just as an important technical support, “white paper” that block chain to establish “trust machine” on the Internet, it will help to play the basic attributes of the digital economy: it will promote the digital economy more credible security and open sharing.

The “white paper” that block chain will promote digital economy to establish a credible security. Block chain with encryption and consensus algorithm to establish a trust mechanism, to deny, tampering and fraud costs, to ensure that the data can not be tampered with and can not be forged, to achieve data integrity, authenticity and consistency. Based on the block chain contribute to the establishment of digital economy rules trusted security and order, for sovereign economies to participate in the global digital economy and create a more credible and safe environment, promote different countries, different regions, different business units and between different individuals to carry out digital economic cooperation more closely.

At the same time, the “white paper” that block chain will promote the establishment of digital economy open sharing. The digital economy system is constructed based on block chain technology is a peer-to-peer collaboration system, it is open to all participants, each participant can enjoy the right to share the economic value, can verify transactions. This system will achieve economic cooperation of equality and openness across institutions and organizations across the individual and cross agent, to promote the sharing of economic development. The block chain will further establish the network economy spatial equality and openness, equal cooperation between different countries and regions, formed a close partnership, to better share the fruits of economic development of digital technology and digital.

Accurate analysis of the white paper role in promoting economic development of the digital block chain. The digital economy will greatly benefit from the blockchain consensus and point to point and more credible security cooperation mechanism and open sharing. Different countries and regions to carry out economic cooperation more closely and equal. Guiyang is exploring the digital economy and the relationship between the blockchain Pathfinder, first to realize the huge potential in the digital economy chain block, and has started to actively promote the blockchain industrialization process, for the formation and development of industrial chain blocks accumulated valuable experience in the industry.

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